Sir Hankselot Turns 18 months

Hank loves his rocking horse and on this rainy day decided to be a knight with lance.As I was getting ready for Hank's 18 month check-up, I started to think about the questions our pediatrician usually asks to track development. At 15 months we were a little concerned with his speech since he only had a handful of words and with Kaitlin's history I think we were more alert. I decided to start writing down words as he said them so I could tell her how many words he had. I was feeling like a bad mom as I recorded his words throughout the day:

Fruit Loops
Excuse you
Press Play
Then I started to feel a little better with:
Hawee (Hailey)
KTs (Katilin)
Dar-Dar (Karlie)
Then I felt better when at dinner he said, "Amen." At least I got one good one on the list.
As I kept writing words down we got to 30. His doctor said that was great, if not ahead. That is a change. I don't think any of the girls have ever been ahead in speech as toddlers.
He is almost 25 pounds (50%) and 33 inches (75%). Long and skinny like his daddy.
The pediatrician said it was the happiest 18 month check-up she can remember.  He was more than happy to give her five and had no complaints until the shots.  She said by this age they usually remember the shots and have stranger anxiety.  I guess he grew out out of his wild, hungry, teething, not breathing, tired genius stage.  His asthma is under better control and we are down to one nebulizer a day but might go back to two for the cold and flu season.  We are slowly figuring out how to feed this little guy and changing our menus so that they are Hank friendly.  Spaghetti use to be our cheap dinner, but not anymore with $4/pound of organic pasta.  I still find myself doing things without considering his allergies like ordering pizza when we are all out of food and not realizing until it arrives that I have nothing to feed Hank.  But we are slowly getting the hang of it.
He is a very loving little guy and melts my heart. He is also on a mission to kill himself before he sees his two year old birthday. I have never seen a child climb the way he does. Forgive me for saying it, but I am not sure he is the sharpest tool in the shed. He will climb up something and fall and hurt himself only to turn around and do it again. For example this weekend he was attempting to climb up on the table while my back was turned and fell and hit his lip. He actually bit through his lip. Blood was everywhere and I was a mess. After Max inspected it and we applied cool rags he started to calm down. As soon as I let him out of my arms he was starting to pull the chair out to climb up again. His forehead is riddled with bruises and bumps. Max and I were thinking Hockey will be an excellent sport for him.
We love the different dynamic a little dude brings to the house. If the girls are playing on the floor, he runs and tackles them. He is always wanting a kiss or to hold your hand and has yet to turn down open arms. This fella is a charmer or maybe just a Mommas boy. :)


Courtney said...

He sure is sweet. I think he actually is very smart and maybe just a bit determined (like someone else I know!). That second picture looks like Karlie, but otherwise I think he looks like Kaitlin. What a little blondie and a smile that goes a mile.

Lacey said...

He is such a sweet little boy! Way to go on the words- he is a smarty pants. May just have another doctor in the family. Sounds like him and Hadley are two peas in a pod with the fearless thing. You remember after she burned her foot in the sink, the first day she could walk again, she tried to climb in there again- these kids are crazy!!
I love watching him grow up. I am so glad you guys get to experience a boy. It is still hard for me to believe he isn't a new little baby anymore. It goes by way too fast. Love you girl!

Splaneyo said...

He is so cute and, I agree, I think it is just pure determination. I hate to think about what would happen if he and AJ were ever in a room together...Hope you guys are doing well.

Blog a Blurb said...

What a cute little guy. Think he will catch up to his dad with stitches to document his adventures! I sure hope not!