Spooktacular Seven Sleepover

Our close friends went to see the Broadway musical Wicked and stayed the night downtown.  They have three kids the same age as Hailey, Karlie, and Kaitlin.  We tried to convince them to go for round four but they were happy to not keep up with the Jones' on that one.   While they were at Wicked, we had a wicked fun time of our own with a Spooktacular Seven Sleepover!  I must admit seven kids under eight was a bit spooky.

The first thing we did was made Halloween necklaces with beads, witches, pumpkins, bats, and ghosts.
Kaitlin and Addison are twins separated at birth.  They are only three weeks apart and are the best buddies.  I have never seen them fight.  They just adore each other.
Then we played pumpkin bocce ball.
It was great fun until Jack decided to see if his pumpkin would bounce on the patio!  Boys.  Then it became a game of smash pumpkin.
We then headed up to the park.  I think this was Hank's favorite activity.  He loves the swing.  We got many funny looks as people tried to decide if all the kids were ours.  It was like three sets of twins and a singleton.  I don't know how Octo-mom does it.
For dinner we had pizza and broccoli.  It was pretty scary how much food those goblins consumed and I wouldn't want to frighten you with the mess that was left the next day.
Before bed we made Halloween magnets that they got to paint.  Right now target has plastic table cloths in the dollar bin.  Stock-up!  These are the best craft protecting item.  Just throw it down before they start and throw it all away.  It really makes crafting so much more fun when you don't have to worry about paint or glitter going everywhere.
We rounded the sleepover off with a trip to the pumpkin patch in the morning.  Unfortunately that freeze that flooded our basement also froze the pumpkins.  We felt so bad for the farmer who had lost a sizable portion of his crop.  We thought the basement repair was pricey, I can't imagine what it cost him.The kids were so bummed when they would find just the right one only to realize the underside was all mushy.  It was so ironic that all the pumpkins had froze when it was 82 degrees out on the day we went to the pumpkin patch.
Definitely the cutest pumpkins out there.

Hailey cried when we left empty handed and had to head to King Soopers to buy our pumpkins.
After our spooktacular seven sleepover, I am grateful I only have four ghouls to watch over.


Lacey said...

Can my kids come stay with you?!? You always do fun stuff, they would love it there!! :)

Courtney said...

You brave (and crafty) mama! I admire you!

Blog a Blurb said...

What a great time! What lucky friends! Hope they had a good sleepover sans kids!