Thursday 13~ Things I Love About a Snow Day!

After nearly two feet of snow dumping on us over the last two days, they canceled school today!  We found out the good news last night before bed and we filled our day with fun.
1.  Sleeping in!  Hank didn't wake up until 6:15 and Karlie slept until 7:30!
2.  Eating a big breakfast of eggs and toast at 9am instead of shoveling cold cereal in at 6 am.
3.  Playing games with the girls.  Twister, Hi-Ho Cherry-O, and Jenga were the picks today.

4. Watching the kids have a total blast in the snow.
5. Making snow horses.  No snowmen in this house. :)
6. Lots of hot coco and marshmallows.
7. Tea and cookies.
8. Hot soup.
9. Staying in our PJs until 1pm!
10.  Daddy coming home a little early to help shovel.  We have a four car garage and after attempting to shovel it all by hand, my arms are screaming snow blower!

11.  Watching Hank experience snow on his own.  He took a face plant shortly after this picture and was none to happy.  But the city snow plow came by to do the streets and he was happy as could be and started clapping as he plowed near our house.
12.  Karlie creating a new extreme sport : Ice scootering!  She is insane!  Each time she crashed she let out the biggest belly laugh.
13. My mud/wash room.


Blog a Blurb said...

too cool!!! too cold too!!!!

Blog a Blurb said...

too cool!!! too cold too!!!!

Courtney said...

A snow blower is a must for you! Karlie cracks me up, can't believe she hasn't been to the ER yet.
Wow, you've got some early risers! We can't seem to get out of bed before 8! Cute pics, as always!

Gigi said...

Reminds me of childhood in Illinois. lv Gigi

Melanie said... is hard to imagine snow right now! We have had 90 degree weather around here! I do hope it cools off soon!