Date Night!

Friday night was the first time in 2 and half years that I spent the night away from all of the kids.  Max had a function for work downtown and we convinced my mom to stay the night with the kids.  Our argument that was that it would be much better to just fall asleep at our house instead of having to get up at midnight and drive home in the cold. Although we didn't mention that Hank routinely wakes up at 5. :)  Luckily my mom is the best grandma in the world and took it all with a smile.  The kids had so much fun with their grammy sleepover at our house!

We had such a nice time playing grown-ups.  We wore fancy clothes and I only had one Hank food smear on my sleeve (a parting gift).  We chatted with other grown-ups.  We didn't discuss poopy diapers, or site words, or iCarley, or anything about kids.  We drank wine and ate fancy appetizers.  We stayed up past 8:30 and we slept in until 7:45a.m.!  In the morning I was able to take a shower without someone needing to be wiped or coming in to ask where their favorite toy was or watching in horror as Hank single handedly destroyed my bathroom.  We had a breakfast without shoveling our food in as fast as we could and leaving behind a trail of mashed in food and crumbs.  We even were able to have a conversation without being interrupted.  I forgot what it feels like to be all grown-up.  I can't wait to play grown-up again.  Hopefully it won't be another 2 and half years! :)


Lacey said...

So glad you guys had an awesome time!! And, hey- you get to play like a grown up again in 18 days!!
:) :) I can't wait to come visit!! :)

Courtney said...

Good for you! Three cheers to Grammy! I like the "non-spit-up" look, suits you well. ;)

Heather said...

You both look great - I love the picture. My favorite part is the little forehead and nose at the bottom. You can run, but you can hide - they always find you. =)