Hailey's Piano Recital

Last weekend Hailey had her first piano recital.  She played Can-Can for an audience of nearly 300.  She started playing this year with an amazing teacher.  Hailey really enjoys learning to play and practiced very hard for her recital.
We were a little nervous because she almost always had trouble in one spot and the morning of the recital she made several errors.  But when it was show time, she waltzed on the stage, sat down and played her piece perfectly.  We were so proud of our little lady.
The recital show cased her instructors students (44) from 5 years old to college aged kids.  As the pieces progressed it was fascinating to see the difference music made in some of these kids' lives.  The final student was one that had graduated and he played Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us by Bradbury and then played an original composition that I felt competed with the some of the classics.

If I had seen this kid on the street, I would have judged him by the cover.  He had dyed jet black hair the fell in a swoop in his face.  He had skinny jeans, a skater sweater, and black fingernails.  He may have even had a lip piercing.  To watch this young man play completely transformed the opinion I would have had of him.  You would have never guessed what appeared to be a wayward teen was composing original works that were so beautiful.

As further evidence that I was born in the wrong generation, watching music be created in front of me was more entertaining than any TV program I can think of.  While listening to well crafted songs on the radio is nice, it is completely different being entertained by the creation of live music.  Even the simple songs of Chimes or Can-Can coming from little fingers was so enjoyable.  Then to watch the older kids play Minuet in G and Beethoven's 5th Symphony was really a thrill.  I think part of it is that I have zero understanding of music and can't even read a single note of music.  I remind Hailey often that she is already smarter and knows far more than I do in music.  To watch the kids' fingers dance along the piano keys in sequence that produces notes that are so pleasing, was truly a delight.  I would love it if one day the kids could entertain us with the piano, just like they did in the olden days. :0)


john leopold, md said...

I'm very proud of you encouraging Hailey pursuit of music. Schools these days do not expose young children to fine music like they used to. I remember in elementary school we said the Pledge of Allegiance and then listened to the mornings short piece of classical music over the intercom. We had a short quiz every month to identify the music.

You have a very fine classical music station up there - KVOD- put it on your intercom. I have a large collection of fine music; when the grandkids come over will play a march, can-can, ballet or something lively and watch 'em dance and march. Funniest thing you ever saw and great to see the joy in their little eyes.

Courtney said...

I am so glad hers went better than MINE did at her age! Total stage fright=most embarrassing moment ever.
Now I know why my Mom wanted me to play the piano too. Maybe someday Cate will play-we've already started with jam sessions on my Grandma's keyboard.

Your girl is growing up so fast. She is so mature and such a little lady. You must be so proud.

Lacey said...

Look at her!!!! She is such a beauty!