The Minnies Strike Back

Hank is a wrecking ball concealed in an adorable little boy that lights up the room with his smile and charm.  All that goodness aside, he is a wrecker.  Nearly every activity he engages in encompasses a certain level of wrecking.  Rather it be wrecking a clean room, wrecking his sister's homework or artwork, wrecking a fine piece of furniture by banging a toy on it, nicking the wall by tipping over the chair, wrecking the DVD player by yanking on it, or finding pens and coloring on the wall.  A wrecker is he.

He likes to climb up the office chair and bang as hard as he can on the laptop.  This is the same laptop that survived the coffee incident.  Yesterday I instructed Kaitlin to watch him while I ran upstairs to help Karlie find her shoes before school.  Kaitlin watched him climb up the chair and giddily bag away.  When I came back downstairs Kaitlin reported that Hank was on the computer.  I ran to the office to find my screen glowing as though it were a negative of a photo or like a black light effect.  No time to investigate because we were late for school as it was.  Once I got home and got the wrecker to bed I was able to try and find out if he had permanently wrecked it as Max had feared or if he managed to turn on some new age setting.  After two hours of searching I found the Black on White or White on Black options in the settings.  The little wrecker had managed to hit some strange shortcut key to induce this odd setting.  I was so happy when it returned to normal.

After Hank putting numerous dents in the desk, destroying the drawers over and over and this near second death of my beloved computer, we decided we needed to put a kid lock on the doors.  This morning Max installed this little lock and we had a morning free of Hank wrecking in the office.  Ah, but the Minnies are not so easily dealt with.

I ran in the office to check the email and shut the door hoping Hank wouldn't notice I was in the office and accompany me so he could do some wrecking.  Karlie didn't want Hank or Kaitlin to bother me so she slipped the tie into the lock.  What a thoughtful girl.  After finishing the email, I went to the door to find I was locked in the office and the three Minnies were on the outside!  I banged on the door and tried to explain to Karlie how to unlock it but her hands were not strong enough. Err, kid proof.  Heck, I can barely mange the two push and one pull system.  After some coaching I got Kaitlin to push one button and Karlie to squeeze the other and pull out the tie.  I was beginning to get very nervous about how I was going to get out.  Plus, I could only imagine what the wrecker was up to for those 5 unsupervised minutes!  Lesson learned.  Don't mess with the Minnies, they fight fire with fire! :0)


Courtney said...

Those things really work! What a strange feeling-not knowing when or how you may escape. Good work Karlie and Kaitlin!

Lacey said...

That is too funny!! I am glad they girls were able to unlock you!! :)

Heather said...

Ah yes the joys of little people. I just finished installing some latches myself. AJ likes to play his own dvds and he can really do it all himself. Sometimes, though, he get a little bit carried away and puts 2 or 3 disks in at once. Not good. I think the 3 out of 4 have popped the keys off my laptop. They are destructive little things and really, as you found out, there is no stopping them! =)

john leopold, md said...

Hank is a classic domestic terrorist. Typical boy. I feel for your computer. Don't get a cat (think he's allergic to the things anyway).