Thursday 13 ~ Thankful

Ti's the season for giving thanks, so I thought I would list just 13 of the things I am most thankful for. My blessings are really too numerous to count.

1. God. I am so thankful to have a loving God that forgives me for all my imperfections.  A God who has blessed me over and over.  A God who sought me out.  A God who is just.  A God who becomes more awesome the more I learn.  

2. Max.  He is the most steady, reliable, and loving man.  I think he loves me more today than he did the day he married me.  The highlight of my day is when the garage goes up and he comes home.  If there ever was a soul mate or destiny, he encompasses it.

3. Hailey.  She is such a beautiful child inside out.  She is caring and grounded.  She makes parenting a joy and lets you think for just a minute maybe you are doing it right.

4. Karlie.  She is the life of the party and the leader of the pack.  The world better watch out for this one!  She is full of life and joy and brings out the fun side of me.

5. Kaitlin.  My delicate flower who has the biggest heart.  She is so nurturing and loves to help in every way.  I can't help but hug her all the time.
6. Hank. Little boys are just different.  I am so thankful that I get to experience raising both sexes.  It is really fun to watch a little boy grow.  I am totally smitten with my little man.  He delights and scares me daily.

7.  Health.  Thankful that today when were at the Children's Hospital getting Hank's lip sewn back together that I was not the mommy of the child next to us that had been flight for lifed in.  I am thankful that we have just minor bumps in our lives and not life long illnesses.

8.  I am thankful God knew to give me three girls and one boy.  After the stitches and my first injury related ER experience, I see I am not boy mom material.  When Hank split his lip I started crying because it was so deep and I hurt for him.  Hailey later asked me if I was ok because "I've never seen you cry before."  Leave it to the boy to break his mommy.

9. The Resort.  Not only because it is a house beyond my wildest dreams but because of the very basic things such a shelter, heat, plumbing, and comfort.  So often I take these blessings for granted.  In parts of Africa women spend 8 hours a day collecting and purifying water while I leave the water running to do dishes or brush my teeth.

10. Our neighborhood.  I have never lived in one of those neighborhoods where everyone knows each other and are friends.  The kind where the neighbors bring you pies and cakes to welcome you.  The kind where all the kids play with each other and neighbors do nice things like put your trash cans away, edge your yard, or help you shovel the snow.  The kind that evokes the "like a good neighbor" feeling.

11.  Colorado.  Very few places can rival this as a place to call home.  The climate is great.  If it snows two feet by the end of the week it is usually melted and sunny.  My drive to the kids' school is a gorgeous mountain range.  It is a beautiful place to live.

12.  America.  Sure she has her problems (Nancy Pelosi to name one) but I feel blessed to be born in the greatest country in the world and to have all the freedoms and opportunities that she affords to her citizens.  While our health care system is not perfect and I paid $200 with insurance to have Hank's lip fixed, it is far superior to any other system currently available in the world.  If you have an emergency you will be treated regardless of ability to pay.  Not so in much of the world.

13. Family.  Family is everything to me.  I have a very loving, happy, funny, and supportive family.  Everything I am is because of them.  My mom and sisters are my best friends and I am privileged to have Snork for a dad.  I am lucky that I have loving and caring in-laws that I consider my second family.  I usually have more fun hanging out with family rather it be nuclear or extended.  Friends come and go but family is forever.


Courtney said...

Awww Katie you bring tears to my eyes. I love this post. We have so much to be thankful for.

Lacey said...

Awww...I LOVE THIS POST. I love all your posts, but this just may be one of my favorites. You are so blessed. You have a beautiful family, your a great mom and wife, and you make it all look so easy-even when going to the er. :) Your kids are lucky to have such an amazing mom like you. We are all blessed indeed and do have so much to be thankful for.

Gigi said...

Well said, well lived.

MandM said...

Wow-I couldn't have said it better myself. I agree wholeheartedly! There is so much to be thankful for.

Heather said...

Katie that is a great picture of the family!