If there is one holiday I do, it is Christmas! I become completely consumed by it. I dream about their faces, I worry about their disappointment, I plan, I decorate, I buy and then I buy some more and I give thanks for the gift. I LOVE Christmas!
I love surprising Max. It is a problem really. I never stick to our agreed amount to spend on each other and I search and search until I feel I found a gift that will knock his socks off! This year it was pretty clear what the gift would be. He has wanted, more lusted after an iphone since they came out. But Max is very pragmatic. iphones are expensive and we have not completed our contract with T-mobile. Enter Katie. The not so pragmatic, loves a surprise and wants nothing more than to make Max smile. So he got an iphone and Hailey will have his old cell phone for emergencies. He couldn't be happier. I on the other hand am having a bit of buyer remorse. Yesterday I had to ground him from his phone. I put my foot down and said, "there will be no iphones at the table."

He is in love. I am sure in time his infatuation with her will diminish but currently it is an all out affair. She just has things I can't offer. She has endless applications. Her glass like face is so enticing to caress. She is so tiny and easy to hold. She can take him anywhere. She keeps him connected and empowers him. She is not just pretty, she is smart. He can dictate to her and she listens to his every word. The iphone is truly a life changing device. Hopefully not a marriage changing device! :0)
Ah, but she can't give him kids, the true key to his heart.

It was a good Christmas at our house.
Karlie's big present was a set of golf clubs. She loves to play Wii golf with Max and really wants to go with him golfing. Santa took a swing. We will see this spring if it was a hole in one or a bogey.
Kaitlin's big present was a new bike. The hand-me down from Hailey to Karlie and then to Kaitlin had lost it's training wheels. Kaitlin is very into her Bitty Baby so Santa was kind enough to find a bike with a spot for Bitty to ride along. Kaitlin was thrilled and rode her bike around and around in the house.
Hank thought Christmas was pretty cool.
He got lots of trucks and tools.
Hailey wanted more matching outfits for her and her twin doll, Abbey. She also asked for a puppy and a bike. She got the bike and the clothes but Santa brought a stuffed Weimaraner. She was a tad disappointed but understood Santa couldn't deliver live animals.

Karlie also got a hair salon set so she can get started on her cosmetology license. She loves doing hair and make-up.
This was the most romantic gift I gave Max. Ours has been broken for months so what a good opportunity for a new one.
This is a typical fashion for disposing of toasters in Max's family.
I was a little sad on Christmas night when it was all over. I know most normal people are relieved, but I was a little blue. All the festivities, all the cheery faces, all the Merry Christmas', all the parties, all the eating, and joy of the season is done for another year.
We hope you will join us for another round of MKHKKH in 2010 and that it is a happy and healthy year for all.


Lacey said...

Looks like it was an awesome Christmas for you guys!! Love Max throwing the toaster. Too funny. As far as the iphone goes, I am afraid it is an addiction that never quits. I am just like you. I build it all up in my head, get so excited to see their faces, want it all perfect, and so sad when it is over. Another 360 days until we can do it again. ;0)

john leopold, md said...

Sounds like you had a really fun x-mas over there.

My best gift did not require batteries - was from my daughter in law - fudge. #2 was a couple thousand post-its. It's fun to flap the side and watch the image move.

I did get a pair of socks but we could not find them. My family knows I'm difficult to buy for so we keep things pretty elemental.

How long do you think the guitar strings on Ty's guitar will last? Christi's keeping close tabs on the thing, we'll see. John

Acually, the best gifts are pictures of the kids and grandkids.

john leopold, md said...

Katie (and Cristie) - thought you might enjoy this. Katie especially because of Hank -

My grandson, 18 months old, and his mom stayed with us for a week and a half these holidays. (His dad, just came in today on 2 wk leave from Iraq, they went back to the house today). Now Ann and I both have Medicare cards and usually have a quiet house, free from domestic disturbance. Here are frequent statements coming from our mouths during Hayden's stay. (He is a very cute, smart and loving kid, but still a terrorist.)

"Hayden, get your hands off the light socket!

"Hayden, get the razor blade out your mouth!" (scary, he's OK)

"Hayden, what did you do with the hair conditioner?"

"Hayden, what did you do with the shampoo?"

"Hayden, bring the TV clicker back here."

"Hayden, don't throw the TV clicker behind the couch."

"Hayden, quit dropping food onto the kitchen floor."

"Hayden, leave the cat alone."

"Hayden, where is your eye, ear, mouth etc? He looks at me and resumes play with the coasters."

"Hayden, you said a word!"

"Hayden, put the Drano back under the sink.(we moved it)

"Hayden, where are you?"

"Hayden, quit biting your Nana and grabbing her glasses."

"Hayden, take this Tylenol for your fever."

"Hayden, you want to go bye-bye?" "Wait Hayden" as he runs to the stairs.

"Hayden, don't tear down the barricades!"

"Hayden, don't dump the dominoes on the floor."

"Hayden, don't touch the fireplace glass."

"Hayden, leave the electric cords alone."

You get the general idea. We enjoyed his visit and I think I prepared him pretty well for his 18 month checkup developmental questionnaire.

Courtney said...

I know, those gadgets are a love affair! What a great Christmas! Loved the pics and the matching jammies were so cute.

Heather said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas and we hope you have a happy new year.

Actually, it is funny Sam wrote "world's worst toaster" on the side of our old toaster (I wouldn't let him throw it). I was just telling Laney and Gramma Nette about the bikes we saw in the UK with the place for the baby to ride along. Guess they have them here too. So cool!

Hope you got something good too - you deserve it!