What a busy and wonderful Thanksgiving break we had. I am still trying to recover and fit into my jeans from it! Max's parents were visiting and they seem to just inspire a spirit of celebration. Every time we visit with them, the word moderation ceases to exist. There is always feasts that encourage over eating, there are ample glasses of wine, (and headaches the next morning) and we always try to pack in as much fun as possible.

For Thanksgiving we had a 13 adults and 8 kids. Snork was sick at home and dearly missed and little Miss Corrin decided she was not yet ready to have Thanksgiving and would just keep cooking in mommy's belly. So with all my sisters and their families, Max's parents and Max's boss and his wife, I wasn't feeling any pressure. Especially since the last large Thanksgiving I hosted was when Hailey was a new baby and Jeanette had bought me a fancy roaster. I didn't know that you were not suppose to use the lid and ended up sort of parboiling the turkey in its own juices. While it was one of the juiciest turkeys I have had, its grey anemic color left me bright red. Not to mention I had it upside down and when we realized it and tired to turn it over, I flung meat half way across the room. Food Network here I come. Maybe that is why I haven't hosted one in 8 years! But, really no pressure or worries at all. :)
I had a lot of fun creating the center pieces and setting the table. I told Max it was just like playing house! The tea candles in the miniature pumpkins turned out beautiful. They emitted a soft glow and felt festive.
I found many napkin rings I liked but decided on these from Cost Plus because I figured I could use them more often. I bought some leaves from Micheal's and twisted them around. For Christmas I think I will use some Holly berries and do the same.
The kids got baby food jars filled with fall jelly beans and little Indians and pilgrims.
We ended up almost eating one 24lb and one 17lb turkey! Thank goodness for moms. My mom thought better to cook a whole other turkey and brought it. I guess she has done this just a few times in her life or maybe she was worried I would parboil the turkey again. :0)

Since a whole Thanksgiving feast wasn't enough of a painful lessons on gluttony, Monty and Max were adamant that we have Paella on Friday night. Jeanette and I were trying to persuade them to do left overs but they wouldn't have it. So round two of indulgence came! I must admit, it was terrific.
Then the nightly post dinner rumble began to try and help us make room for dessert.
These two are really such a bad influence. I mean naked babies on the table, that never happens at my house!
On Saturday we went up to the mountains for our annual tree cutting. We encountered the volunteer horse unit. That was a delightful surprise for all of us to get to pet the three horses.
The kids love climbing on the rocks and playing with the snow.
Hank started to get the hang of the incline terrain after about an hour, but we ended up carrying him most of the time. We forgot the backpack carrier. I got to work off some of that Paella.
This was the first tree Karlie picked out, but of course we had to romp around the forest for a while and then go back and get the original tree. Karlie helped Max carry it back to the truck.
Mountain men.

The kids sure love their "Pops and Grandma Nette" and we had a wonderful break with them. Hopefully I can fit in my jeans before their next visit.


Melanie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!! :) Thanksgiving is probably my most favorite of holidays! :)

Courtney said...

Don't you LOVE grandparents!!! It's always the best and the most of everything! Very festive and cute table decorations. They beat our foam decorated feathered hand turkeys!