Closet Eater

I could never understand why people would put a lock on their pantry door. I figured they must have some serious issues with food. Oh boy do I have issues.
Sometimes I have found him hanging on the top rack trying to get food down. Notice the Doritos at the very top of the pantry?
Hank has decided having picnics in the pantry is very cool. Especially Doritos picnics.
He picks out his item and sits on the trash can lid and quietly starts chowing. Sometimes it is gold fish, raisins, Doritos, or cereal.
But marshmallows are even better.

Getting out the baby cereal and making a trail is pretty fun too.

Oh, I wasn't suppose to do this?

There have been numerous other events not caught on camera which lead to the addition of a lock on our pantry door. Really, I feed this guy ALL the time. I am worried he might be a closet eater though. :0)

National Western Stock Show

Last Friday the kids had the day off from school so my sister Kerrie and I ventured to the National Western Stock Show. This is an annual ritual for our family. Usually we go on Martin Luther King day with Max. He just loves dragging a stroller, diaper bag, backpack filled with enough snacks and water to feed a small country, and four kids to an over crowded arena that smells like manure. Who wouldn't? This year I let him off the hook and suckered my sister into going instead.

This is one of those events that adult memories and childhood memories take different paths. The adults remember all the bad and kids think it is the best thing next to Christmas. They can't wait to go and walk around and see all the farm animals. The petting zoo is one of their favorite parts.
Hank followed the goats around and thought it was so funny when the pooped.
Kaitlin thought this little pig was "so cute."
Hailey wanted to take a chicken home along with every other animal we saw. I am sure all the real cowboys and cowgirls get a kick of the city folk squealing over chickens and goats that poop on your shoes.
Now this is the reason we go. This team is here every year giving you a chance to spend TEN dollars to have your kids' picture taken on a long horn steer, a Brahma cow, or the giant white horse. When we first arrived the long horn was patiently posing for pictures and Hailey was a bit disappointed. Then the huge steel door began to rise and like a king arriving at his castle the white horse slowly came into view. The sun was shining behind him and a little gasp came from Hailey. "Mom, the white horse is here!" We were the first ones on him. Hailey has done this drill since the time she was a baby however Kaitlin had plans of riding the horse, not simply getting up and taking a picture. She kept asking when she would get to ride a horse. Sorry little lady, mom is not going to go for a six dollar pony ride. The ten dollar picture will have to do.
Even Hank and R.J. thought the great white horse was pretty neat. I must admit I would have liked to get on the horse too. But not for ten bucks!

Despite all the joys of trucking kids through manure and buying six dollar funnel cakes and ten dollar pictures, it was a memorable time. I can't believe I only have 11 and half months until I get to do it again. Maybe one year we will actually get to see the rodeo and not just visit the stock yards.

Hailey Has Her Turn

We finished the week off with Hailey having her turn to snuggle with us before bed. But it had been a week of Max working 13 and 14 hour days and he just didn't have anything left by the time his head hit the pillow. He was out for the count.
Even through my barrage of camera flashes, he couldn't force his eyes open. We let the poor guy sleep while we giggled and chatted.
It struck me as we snuggled and talked just how much my little lady is growing up. She is so mature sometimes I forget she is only eight.
I can only hope as she grows up, she will always want to crawl in bed and talk girl talk with her mama.

Krash Karlie Takes a Snuggle

Last night was Karlie's turn to have a special snuggle time with Mommy and Daddy. But snuggling with Karlie is like snuggling on crack. This girl is a live wire and she goes and goes until she has nothing left and then crashes.
While attempting to snuggle she was wiggling and giggling and talking and talking. Max fell asleep a few times and she kept nudging him saying, "Daddy you are not suppose to be sleeping, we are snuggling!"
So she told us all about her day and many other topics that I don't fully remember. Toward the end of our snuggle session she got the giggles. You know the kind you get in church when you really have to be quiet but for some reason everything is funny. Karlie has this infectious spirit and you just can't help but join in. So by the end of it, we all had the giggles and were laughing so much I thought we were going to wake up Hank. I finally tucked her back in her bed and I think she was out before I shut the door.
So different and yet such wonderful ways of snuggling.

Special Shuggie Snuggle Time

One night after Hailey and Karlie had fallen asleep Kaitlin was wide awake and came into our room. She was so cute we couldn't help but have her get in bed and snuggle for a little bit. Apparently this special night made an impression on her. Last night she asked me if she could have special snuggle time in my bed with just me and Daddy.

So after everyone else was in bed, she got to have some special Shuggie snuggle time. I wasn't at all pleased.
Karlie and Hailey have each requested a special snuggle night too. So you know what I have blocked out for the next two nights. :0)

Fantasy vs Reality

This is the picture of our bathroom from the virtual tour when we were hoping to buy the house. As I hoped and dreamed of getting this house, I had grand plans for the bathroom. Our master bathroom is as big as one of the kids' bedrooms was in our old house. I had visions of being the poster girl for Calgon. Me and the bath were going to be good friends. An oasis. A way to unwind after cleaning up toys all day, feeding little children, and all that moms do. Not to mention the shower. It was just a little piece of heaven I had dreamed of.
Well that was all it was ever going to be... A fantasy. I have yet to take one bath alone. I guess the kids think it is a hot tub not a bath tub. There are two other bath tubs in the house but this is apparently where the Barbies decided the nudest colony would be. I can't blame them really.
And Hank has to have something to do while I get ready, so in came the blocks and trains.
So much for that peaceful, toyless get away. My shower has been mobbed by growing sponges and sea creatures, and pots and pans for making soup, and more naked Barbies.
I bought and additional towel rack, but it is struggling to dry 6 towels.
Notice the rest of the naked Barbies in the corner and on the floor. At least I still have my closet. The Barbies haven't found that yet.

Potty Trained... Officially

Oh, yeah baby! The time has arrived. She can do dishes, she can clean her own room and make her bed, get herself dressed and ready for school. She has been potty trained for some time, but now she is officially potty trained!

New Year, New Do




It is good to have a cosmetologist in the house! My sister Kerrie came over and cut all the kids' hair for us. Hailey got a few inches cut off while the rest of the crew just got a trim. The girls were all quite happy with their new dos. It was Hank's first haircut! Aw. I saved his little wisps. That baby book is just screaming my name.

Denver Staycation

Whenever the kids have off I try to plan a little "staycation". Each day of their break we tried to do one fun thing. That is about all I can muster with this motley crew.

There was lots of playing and they got along great. I was surprised how little fighting happened. The salon got in a lot of customers.
At the beginning of the break we went swimming at an indoor water park. Thanks to the help of my mom and sister, no one drowned. We were heavily outnumbered with 6 kids, 2 of them babies, and 3 adults.
The next day we ventured to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I love this place. There is so much to see, you can never see it all in one trip and there is always something new to learn. Hank had a lot of fun in the space station. Is he cute or is it just me?
My future astronauts. They are often in space now, so I think they will be well prepared. :0)
Daddy showing them how to rock climb. But can he do it in a dress?
Hank thought digging for dinosaur bones was pretty cool too. Me too! The museum has to clean up the mess, not me!
On Wednesday we went bowling.

Hank was a handful. He went running down the lane and I went chasing after him, not thinking about the freshly applied wax. It was like a slow motion cartoon where my feet started to fly up in front of me and I was about to land flat on my back. Somehow I mange to turn around and catch myself before completely embarrassing myself. Hank thought it was so funny, he kept making a mad dash for the lane.
Do you see the horns?
On her final turn she got a strike and a spare!!!
I wish they would let me play with bumpers.
Then we went roller skating. My back still hurts from this adventure.
But they had a good time. They now want to take the skating class. Oh good, one more activity to taxi them to.

The final event was to go to Alvin and the Squeakquel. Nothing is more fun than going to the movies and getting spoiled rotten by Grammy. Popcorn, pop, and candy! I was at the allergist with Hank, so they were able to work Grammy to the fullest!

Christmas break was fun but I am a creature of routine and have to say how nice it is to have everyone back on schedule. I do miss staying in our PJs until lunchtime. I really can't wait for summer when we can do stuff outside!