2010 Happy New Year!

It really hit me this New Year with it marking a new decade just how much things change. Max and I were reminiscing back over our last decade. The main chapters were babies, medical school, nursing school and buying 3 houses. Busy times. Then we thought back another decade to meeting each other and going through high school and college. Such good times. The prior decade we were Hailey's age. So then we started thinking how different things will be in 2020. Hailey will be graduating high school, Karlie will be almost ready to drive, Kaitlin will be 13-Yes I will have THREE teenage girls in the house at once! Hank will be 11. What a trip life is.

Some days seem like they are never going to end and then every once in a while you get a fleeting glimpse of just how fast it all goes. New Years day was like that for me. I just realized with such clarity how wonderful and magical this time is. The kids are all great, our parents are healthy, and it seems our fairy tale continues. I know all to well that tomorrow I could wake up and it could be over, so I really tired to enjoy every detail. This time is precious.

We have "a day of new" on New Years Day. We received a doughnut maker for Christmas with doughnut mix and glaze. We decided to try it out for our new food. They tasted great and were easy to make. So much fun! Thanks Uncle Sam and Aunt Heather!

Hailey and her My twinn Abbey.
There were plenty of new outfits to try on since someone in the house has a Gymboree addiction. :0)
New jewelry was also in order. Thanks Anna!
Our new game was Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 on Wii. The kids (and Max) love this game. I get a kick out of watching all the funny things they do playing it.

Hank got to go sledding for the first time. He had a blast.
Our friends had a family style sleep over on New Years Eve so we all went sledding in the morning. This is Karlie and Jack who were the most fearless. They went to the very top and perfected the technique to race down the hill. Even after a face plant, they were up laughing and headed up the hill like Jack and Jill.
Max on the other hand has some work to do on his technique.

He is pretty sore today.
We are striving to savor each day of 2010 and hope to share many fun moments along the way. God Bless.


Courtney said...

I know. As hard as the days may seem, it really doesn't get much better than this. I can relate-you brought tears to my eyes reading this post!

Lacey said...

Those donuts look so yummy every time I get on your blog. They are calling my name and tempting me- it's beyond cruelty. :) LOL.