Closet Eater

I could never understand why people would put a lock on their pantry door. I figured they must have some serious issues with food. Oh boy do I have issues.
Sometimes I have found him hanging on the top rack trying to get food down. Notice the Doritos at the very top of the pantry?
Hank has decided having picnics in the pantry is very cool. Especially Doritos picnics.
He picks out his item and sits on the trash can lid and quietly starts chowing. Sometimes it is gold fish, raisins, Doritos, or cereal.
But marshmallows are even better.

Getting out the baby cereal and making a trail is pretty fun too.

Oh, I wasn't suppose to do this?

There have been numerous other events not caught on camera which lead to the addition of a lock on our pantry door. Really, I feed this guy ALL the time. I am worried he might be a closet eater though. :0)


Jessica said...

You have no idea what it's like with food in our house! I have two pantries - one I keep barricaded and the other I leave open a lot even though we have a childproof lock on the knob. We've had our fair share of pantry messes so I know what you're going through!

MandM said...

Wow that is hilarious. Sounds like my pantry-the bottom two shelves are all paper goods and the top three shelves is our good food. The look on his face was "Uh Oh"-too cute!

Blog a Blurb said...

Such a cutie. I love the one of him looking at the mess on the floor!

Heather said...

Loved catching up on the blog! We are having the same problem here. The refrigerator is an under counter one and AJ can open it. He takes things out of the recycling and puts them back into the refrigerator. The tiny little refrigerator is filled with empty milk jugs and yogurt containers. The other night he was thirsty so he took his sippy cup and headed to the fridge. I found the door open and him headed down the carpeted hall with a big jug of milk in one hand and is sippy in the other. I don't know about you, but I need a big glass of wine and a Barbieless bath. =)

Lacey said...

THAT IS SOOOO CUTE!! Hads is a closet eater too. If I can't find her-that is always the first place I look. And she closes the door behind her so she's in the dark...and still manages to climb and find food to eat. Oh that little man. Like I always say, him and Hads would be a scary pair. They'd be into everything!! I love his little grin while sitting there. He is so stinkin' cute!!