Denver Staycation

Whenever the kids have off I try to plan a little "staycation". Each day of their break we tried to do one fun thing. That is about all I can muster with this motley crew.

There was lots of playing and they got along great. I was surprised how little fighting happened. The salon got in a lot of customers.
At the beginning of the break we went swimming at an indoor water park. Thanks to the help of my mom and sister, no one drowned. We were heavily outnumbered with 6 kids, 2 of them babies, and 3 adults.
The next day we ventured to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I love this place. There is so much to see, you can never see it all in one trip and there is always something new to learn. Hank had a lot of fun in the space station. Is he cute or is it just me?
My future astronauts. They are often in space now, so I think they will be well prepared. :0)
Daddy showing them how to rock climb. But can he do it in a dress?
Hank thought digging for dinosaur bones was pretty cool too. Me too! The museum has to clean up the mess, not me!
On Wednesday we went bowling.

Hank was a handful. He went running down the lane and I went chasing after him, not thinking about the freshly applied wax. It was like a slow motion cartoon where my feet started to fly up in front of me and I was about to land flat on my back. Somehow I mange to turn around and catch myself before completely embarrassing myself. Hank thought it was so funny, he kept making a mad dash for the lane.
Do you see the horns?
On her final turn she got a strike and a spare!!!
I wish they would let me play with bumpers.
Then we went roller skating. My back still hurts from this adventure.
But they had a good time. They now want to take the skating class. Oh good, one more activity to taxi them to.

The final event was to go to Alvin and the Squeakquel. Nothing is more fun than going to the movies and getting spoiled rotten by Grammy. Popcorn, pop, and candy! I was at the allergist with Hank, so they were able to work Grammy to the fullest!

Christmas break was fun but I am a creature of routine and have to say how nice it is to have everyone back on schedule. I do miss staying in our PJs until lunchtime. I really can't wait for summer when we can do stuff outside!


Lacey said...

You are such a fun Mommy! Your kids are going to have so many fun memories of their childhood!! Is the museum where we went??

Brennan said...

wish we had half the stuff to do here! what a great time. Kaitlin and I are equals when it comes to bowling-how embarrasing is that? How do you muster up the energy for all that fun? :)