Fantasy vs Reality

This is the picture of our bathroom from the virtual tour when we were hoping to buy the house. As I hoped and dreamed of getting this house, I had grand plans for the bathroom. Our master bathroom is as big as one of the kids' bedrooms was in our old house. I had visions of being the poster girl for Calgon. Me and the bath were going to be good friends. An oasis. A way to unwind after cleaning up toys all day, feeding little children, and all that moms do. Not to mention the shower. It was just a little piece of heaven I had dreamed of.
Well that was all it was ever going to be... A fantasy. I have yet to take one bath alone. I guess the kids think it is a hot tub not a bath tub. There are two other bath tubs in the house but this is apparently where the Barbies decided the nudest colony would be. I can't blame them really.
And Hank has to have something to do while I get ready, so in came the blocks and trains.
So much for that peaceful, toyless get away. My shower has been mobbed by growing sponges and sea creatures, and pots and pans for making soup, and more naked Barbies.
I bought and additional towel rack, but it is struggling to dry 6 towels.
Notice the rest of the naked Barbies in the corner and on the floor. At least I still have my closet. The Barbies haven't found that yet.


Lacey said...

lol...Why wouldn't barbie want to lay nude there? It is a little piece of heaven on earth. :)

That's about what my shower and tub look like. The kids NEVER bath in their own bathroom. So we just keep it all in our bathroom. But, Katie- YOU HAVE GOT TO kick them out every once in awhile so you can relax and enjoy that fantasy. (even if the barbies have to join you) :) :)

Courtney said...

So, maybe my teeny bathroom and teeny stall shower is really heaven?! LOL. Although that shower occasionally gets a lot smaller when Cate decides to join me. Then I can't even turn around!
Our bathtub looks the same-barbies. They are the only clean toys in the house!

MandM said...

Nudist colony-that is HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

Bailey does the same thing with her Barbie' least the Dads can say they have showered with a variety of naked girls...them being Malibu Barbie, Birthdya Barbie. Christmas Barbie, Skipper...hehehe, but I notice Ken never makes it to the shower

Steph from California

Melanie said... funny...