National Western Stock Show

Last Friday the kids had the day off from school so my sister Kerrie and I ventured to the National Western Stock Show. This is an annual ritual for our family. Usually we go on Martin Luther King day with Max. He just loves dragging a stroller, diaper bag, backpack filled with enough snacks and water to feed a small country, and four kids to an over crowded arena that smells like manure. Who wouldn't? This year I let him off the hook and suckered my sister into going instead.

This is one of those events that adult memories and childhood memories take different paths. The adults remember all the bad and kids think it is the best thing next to Christmas. They can't wait to go and walk around and see all the farm animals. The petting zoo is one of their favorite parts.
Hank followed the goats around and thought it was so funny when the pooped.
Kaitlin thought this little pig was "so cute."
Hailey wanted to take a chicken home along with every other animal we saw. I am sure all the real cowboys and cowgirls get a kick of the city folk squealing over chickens and goats that poop on your shoes.
Now this is the reason we go. This team is here every year giving you a chance to spend TEN dollars to have your kids' picture taken on a long horn steer, a Brahma cow, or the giant white horse. When we first arrived the long horn was patiently posing for pictures and Hailey was a bit disappointed. Then the huge steel door began to rise and like a king arriving at his castle the white horse slowly came into view. The sun was shining behind him and a little gasp came from Hailey. "Mom, the white horse is here!" We were the first ones on him. Hailey has done this drill since the time she was a baby however Kaitlin had plans of riding the horse, not simply getting up and taking a picture. She kept asking when she would get to ride a horse. Sorry little lady, mom is not going to go for a six dollar pony ride. The ten dollar picture will have to do.
Even Hank and R.J. thought the great white horse was pretty neat. I must admit I would have liked to get on the horse too. But not for ten bucks!

Despite all the joys of trucking kids through manure and buying six dollar funnel cakes and ten dollar pictures, it was a memorable time. I can't believe I only have 11 and half months until I get to do it again. Maybe one year we will actually get to see the rodeo and not just visit the stock yards.

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