Potty Trained... Officially

Oh, yeah baby! The time has arrived. She can do dishes, she can clean her own room and make her bed, get herself dressed and ready for school. She has been potty trained for some time, but now she is officially potty trained!


Lacey said...

That is HILARIOUS!! Seriously, I had to call Frank in and cover up the video and read him your post before showing him. Too funny. And Karlie's laugh was so cute too.

So aside from being hilarious...how do I get my kids to learn to do that?!? I am so impressed. Seriously. You have your own little maid. :) Ha!! She is good. My kids still don't clean their own rooms. Man, can Hailey come visit us for a week or so. I swear I won't make her clean the house, just show the kids how to do it! ;) :) :)

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!

Courtney said...

Too funny! I love this video! Karlie is a riot, and letting her sis know just how funny it is to clean! I love Max prompting her on the "boy" area, and she's not even grossed out. This is one to show her fiance someday. ;)

MandM said...

I love Karlie's laugh-little does she know, it will be her turn in a few years :)