One of the coolest things about watching your kids grow is watching them become little people. Kaitlin adores big sister Hailey and went and picked out an outfit to try and match her one morning. When she saw Hailey had her hair braided, she requested the same instead of her standard pig tails. Kaitlin is blossoming into her own little person and taking notes from big sis along the way. I can only hope they will always be so fond of each other.

The Meaning of a Dollar

This was an email I received and I learned some interesting things about our Dollar Bill. The foundations and principles of our country were so great. It is time we get back to those basic principles that have made us the greatest nation in the world.
I checked it out on TruthorFiction.com and it is true.

"You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.. You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves."
~ Rev. William John Henry Boetcker

Just click on the slide show to view it as you would a power point slide.

Pass the Bucket

This GI bug doesn't seem to get the message that it is not welcome here. It runs a strange course of 18 hours of badness from both ends and then makes you think its gone. You go on with your life for a happy 24-36 hours thinking you have beat the bug. Then it hits you with one final hour of vomiting before it moves on to the next victim.

The stainless steel mixing bowl and Lysol have been a staple. Just dump, rinse, spray and pass.

Here is Hank suffering through his Act II while Kaitlin was still working through round one.
Last night Kaitlin came in and delivered a nice little encore at 1 am and then Karlie came into our room puking all the way at 3 am. My carpets look like a tie die project gone bad. Three air fresheners are not doing the trick. Poor Karlie had to miss Pajama Day at school today. :( Hopefully she will perk up soon and then tomorrow she can have her final act with this nasty bug. Still praying the bug holds off its audition in me until Max can be home to help.

On the praying note, please say a prayer for my little niece Rayah. She is in the hospital for pneumonia and is only 5 months old. If I think dealing with 4 puking and diarrhea kids is bad, I just have to think of my sister and niece. It is so hard and scary when they are so small and sick. Rayah is now on antibiotics so we are praying she starts to turn the corner today.

Another One Bites The Dust

Three down and one to go. Right after I picked Karlie up from school Kaitlin unload. Thankfully we had the bucket in hand. If it goes like the prior two I have about 18 hours of fun ahead. I wonder when Karlie will blow?
This is Hank in the middle of his battle. He NEVER sits still much less fall asleep on the floor. Little man was wiped out from this bug.
Here he is at the end of the fight. Still not up for hanging on the chandelier but at least smiling. Today I am happy to report he is back to jumping off the couch and trying to cause as much two year old trouble as possible. Now I just need to nurse little Shuggie back to health, hopefully before Karlie is taken down.

Pukey Go Round

With most things I would say the more the merrier with a bunch of kids. However, when it comes to GI bugs having an only child would be much better. The good old winter GI bug has landed at our house and he is just starting the not so merry go round in the kids.

Hailey had it first. She came to our bed complaining of a stomach ache and I asked her repeatedly if she felt like she was going to throw up. She assured me it was just hurting. So I had her climb in between Max and I to snuggle. Moments later she sat up and said, "I am going to throw up!" Max and I threw back the blankets and both of us yanked on her from each side to run to the bathroom. As a result she was confused as to which side to exit the bed and didn't make it out of the bed. One am puke all over your bed is not very merry. After tending to Hailey and promising her over and over that it was no big deal that she puked all over our bed and all over me, and after changing the bed and trying to wash out pink barf (thanks to the Valentine's day party my sister had earlier that day) out of the white carpet we tried to go back to sleep.

A few hours later Hailey was visited again by the vomit monster. After a rough day, she managed to make a full recovery. At least it was a fast bug. Monday we waited with trepidation on who the next victim would be. Maybe it would skip the rest we hoped.

No such luck. I have a minor head cold that left my normally very sensitive sniffer snuffed out. At 5am this morning Hank started to cry. I was feeling tired and not ready to get up, so I brought him back to my bed where I found Karlie and Kaitlin had gotten up and snuck into my bed too. The more the merrier. The four of us laid there warming up and trying to wake up. Karlie asked me if Hank had thrown up. I said, "No why?" She said, "he smells like puke!" I couldn't smell a thing and figured she was just smelling someones morning breath. I began to rub Hank's head and felt something crusty. I thought to myself, I guess I didn't get all the mashed potatoes out of his hair after all. Then I grabbed his hippo he sleeps with every night and he felt like he had dried mashed potatoes all over him. The pieces slowly began to fit together just as Max came into say goodbye. He exclaimed, "It smells awful in here! Who threw-up?" I have yet to smell anything. We turn on the lights to find Hank is covered in dried puke from head to toe and my bed once again has puke shrapnel in it and I have been snuggling in it like a pig in mud! YUCK!

After Hank and I showered and tried to get everyone dressed for school. I got to tackle his bed. I will spare you the details but it was worse than snuggling in dried puke. He must have gotten sick very early in the night. It makes me so sad to think of him sleeping in his puke all night. :( He didn't cry out once. The bug has continued to be one of poor timing as it decided to pounce right as we were heading out the door to take the girls to school. This time Karlie got puke shrapnel on her too. Luckily I have the nicest neighbors in the world and one took Hailey to choir and the other one took both Karlie and Kaitlin to school for me. We managed to do pick-up with no puke in the car. With two down and two to go, we wait and see who the next victim will be....

To My Valentine

To love you is to have all that I need in this world...
And to be loved by you is all I could ever want.
Happy Valentine's Day my love.


So this is not a news flash, but I thought I would share my two cents about Avatar. It is truly a cinematic experience everyone should have. I am not a movie buff by any means. In fact Max and I were trying to remember the last time we went to a movie and to the best of our memory (which is very poor) it has been nearly four years. We have never felt it was worth the expense when we can wait and rent it for a buck and watch it after the kids go to bed, so no babysitter fee either.

Avatar was different. You need to see it in the theater with 3D. It will blow your mind. James Cameron has taken movie viewing to an entirely new level. While the plot is a bit predictable, the visual effects more than make up for it. Watching it at home on the TV will not do the movie justice. I am not a sci-fi kinda girl either, so don't think you have to be into sci-fi to enjoy it. I actually felt 13 bucks was a deal after it was over. If you get the chance, head to the theater and have the Avatar experience.

America Rising

I received this video from a dear Uncle and wanted to pass it on. While I did not vote for Obama and proclaimed my fear of his socialist plans for health care, I think this video hits the nail on the head for millions of regular old Americans. The time has come to get involved, speak up for what you believe in!

Miss America

I don't know if you happened to watch Miss America on Saturday but we did. The older girls and I had a good time talking about who was the prettiest, who had the best dress, walked the best, had the best talent, and most personality. We were rooting for Miss Colorado and Miss Hawaii. During the commercials Hailey and Karlie had an impromptu Pageant. Karlie was Miss Kid Colorado and Hailey was Miss Kid California. The coffee table served as a perfect stage!
Miss Kid Colorado strutting her stuff. Love the pink leopard heels.
Miss Kid California showing us her moves.
Check out the vintage Salvation Army gown on her. Stunning if I do say so.
The flower girl dress is always a classic for evening wear. I love the earthy feeling she brings with her bare feet. A bold move but she pulled it off.

We even had a the talent component. The best way I could describe it would be interpretive dance. Then the final round was questions. I asked Hailey what she thought the most important subject in school was. She answered, "Science! It is so fun to learn, you don't even know you are learning!" I asked Karlie if she had to choose one thing that is the most important part of being a family member what would it be. She answered, "Love." It was the first time in the history of The Resort Kid Pageant that there was a tie. Miss Kid Colorado and Miss Kid California will share the role of Miss Resort equally throughout the year. Please join us next year as we will surely have a new contestant.