So this is not a news flash, but I thought I would share my two cents about Avatar. It is truly a cinematic experience everyone should have. I am not a movie buff by any means. In fact Max and I were trying to remember the last time we went to a movie and to the best of our memory (which is very poor) it has been nearly four years. We have never felt it was worth the expense when we can wait and rent it for a buck and watch it after the kids go to bed, so no babysitter fee either.

Avatar was different. You need to see it in the theater with 3D. It will blow your mind. James Cameron has taken movie viewing to an entirely new level. While the plot is a bit predictable, the visual effects more than make up for it. Watching it at home on the TV will not do the movie justice. I am not a sci-fi kinda girl either, so don't think you have to be into sci-fi to enjoy it. I actually felt 13 bucks was a deal after it was over. If you get the chance, head to the theater and have the Avatar experience.

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