Miss America

I don't know if you happened to watch Miss America on Saturday but we did. The older girls and I had a good time talking about who was the prettiest, who had the best dress, walked the best, had the best talent, and most personality. We were rooting for Miss Colorado and Miss Hawaii. During the commercials Hailey and Karlie had an impromptu Pageant. Karlie was Miss Kid Colorado and Hailey was Miss Kid California. The coffee table served as a perfect stage!
Miss Kid Colorado strutting her stuff. Love the pink leopard heels.
Miss Kid California showing us her moves.
Check out the vintage Salvation Army gown on her. Stunning if I do say so.
The flower girl dress is always a classic for evening wear. I love the earthy feeling she brings with her bare feet. A bold move but she pulled it off.

We even had a the talent component. The best way I could describe it would be interpretive dance. Then the final round was questions. I asked Hailey what she thought the most important subject in school was. She answered, "Science! It is so fun to learn, you don't even know you are learning!" I asked Karlie if she had to choose one thing that is the most important part of being a family member what would it be. She answered, "Love." It was the first time in the history of The Resort Kid Pageant that there was a tie. Miss Kid Colorado and Miss Kid California will share the role of Miss Resort equally throughout the year. Please join us next year as we will surely have a new contestant.


Chrysti said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! They look beautiful! So, I gotta ask, did you bust out the pic's of your pageant and show your girls what you looked like when you won??? ; )

Lacey said...

HILARIOUS. I always watch it and call my Grandma during all the commercials and we compare notes. I don't really get into it for me, but do for her. I was so sad to read on Yahoo a new girl was crowned. Guess who forgot for the first time in years to call Nanny and watch the one show we watch together all year?!? Boo. But it sure looks like you guys had some fun watching it together. I love those cute girls. And you are such a fun Mommy. They have so much fun with you. What sweet Memories.

john leopold, md said...

Katie - I'm still laughing. Think your plan to put the girls into a convent is a good one. I know of some in Germany and England. If this doesn't pan out, I'll write a doctor's order "No dating until 40 years of age."

Heather said...

=) By the way, could I get one of those doctor's orders for Laney?

Courtney said...

wait, Katie, aren't those your pink leopard shoes? lol. So funny, so girlie, I can remember doing things like that as a kid too!