Pass the Bucket

This GI bug doesn't seem to get the message that it is not welcome here. It runs a strange course of 18 hours of badness from both ends and then makes you think its gone. You go on with your life for a happy 24-36 hours thinking you have beat the bug. Then it hits you with one final hour of vomiting before it moves on to the next victim.

The stainless steel mixing bowl and Lysol have been a staple. Just dump, rinse, spray and pass.

Here is Hank suffering through his Act II while Kaitlin was still working through round one.
Last night Kaitlin came in and delivered a nice little encore at 1 am and then Karlie came into our room puking all the way at 3 am. My carpets look like a tie die project gone bad. Three air fresheners are not doing the trick. Poor Karlie had to miss Pajama Day at school today. :( Hopefully she will perk up soon and then tomorrow she can have her final act with this nasty bug. Still praying the bug holds off its audition in me until Max can be home to help.

On the praying note, please say a prayer for my little niece Rayah. She is in the hospital for pneumonia and is only 5 months old. If I think dealing with 4 puking and diarrhea kids is bad, I just have to think of my sister and niece. It is so hard and scary when they are so small and sick. Rayah is now on antibiotics so we are praying she starts to turn the corner today.


Lacey said...

OHHHHH NOOOOO!!! Oh Katie...brace yourself, how will you not get it? Ack! HOpe it escapes you and Max. And praying for your sweet little niece. Hope you have a great weekend. Love ya girl!

Courtney said...

Sounds like Karlie had pj day at home instead. Poor girl! And poor Mommy! You're making up for lost nursing time on L&D. ;) Hope it passes soon.

Saying a prayer for your niece too.