Pukey Go Round

With most things I would say the more the merrier with a bunch of kids. However, when it comes to GI bugs having an only child would be much better. The good old winter GI bug has landed at our house and he is just starting the not so merry go round in the kids.

Hailey had it first. She came to our bed complaining of a stomach ache and I asked her repeatedly if she felt like she was going to throw up. She assured me it was just hurting. So I had her climb in between Max and I to snuggle. Moments later she sat up and said, "I am going to throw up!" Max and I threw back the blankets and both of us yanked on her from each side to run to the bathroom. As a result she was confused as to which side to exit the bed and didn't make it out of the bed. One am puke all over your bed is not very merry. After tending to Hailey and promising her over and over that it was no big deal that she puked all over our bed and all over me, and after changing the bed and trying to wash out pink barf (thanks to the Valentine's day party my sister had earlier that day) out of the white carpet we tried to go back to sleep.

A few hours later Hailey was visited again by the vomit monster. After a rough day, she managed to make a full recovery. At least it was a fast bug. Monday we waited with trepidation on who the next victim would be. Maybe it would skip the rest we hoped.

No such luck. I have a minor head cold that left my normally very sensitive sniffer snuffed out. At 5am this morning Hank started to cry. I was feeling tired and not ready to get up, so I brought him back to my bed where I found Karlie and Kaitlin had gotten up and snuck into my bed too. The more the merrier. The four of us laid there warming up and trying to wake up. Karlie asked me if Hank had thrown up. I said, "No why?" She said, "he smells like puke!" I couldn't smell a thing and figured she was just smelling someones morning breath. I began to rub Hank's head and felt something crusty. I thought to myself, I guess I didn't get all the mashed potatoes out of his hair after all. Then I grabbed his hippo he sleeps with every night and he felt like he had dried mashed potatoes all over him. The pieces slowly began to fit together just as Max came into say goodbye. He exclaimed, "It smells awful in here! Who threw-up?" I have yet to smell anything. We turn on the lights to find Hank is covered in dried puke from head to toe and my bed once again has puke shrapnel in it and I have been snuggling in it like a pig in mud! YUCK!

After Hank and I showered and tried to get everyone dressed for school. I got to tackle his bed. I will spare you the details but it was worse than snuggling in dried puke. He must have gotten sick very early in the night. It makes me so sad to think of him sleeping in his puke all night. :( He didn't cry out once. The bug has continued to be one of poor timing as it decided to pounce right as we were heading out the door to take the girls to school. This time Karlie got puke shrapnel on her too. Luckily I have the nicest neighbors in the world and one took Hailey to choir and the other one took both Karlie and Kaitlin to school for me. We managed to do pick-up with no puke in the car. With two down and two to go, we wait and see who the next victim will be....


Lacey said...

Oh NO!! It is going around our neighborhood also but we are lucky to have escaped it---- SO FAR. Hope the other two don't get it and hope Hank feels better soon.

Chrysti said...

OHHHH SKATE! I am soooo sorry! That stinks. We've had a coughing cold going through our house. Scott was the only one to loose his voice. The rest of us just sound like we've been smokers for 40 years. I love you all and hope you feel better soon!