33 on 3/3

Happy Birthday Max!

The girls were dismayed to learn that today is not a national holiday and that Max had to go to work and they had to go to school. Clearly today is far more important than President's Day! ;)

Max is one special guy. He is all I could have dreamed of in a husband and far more than I ever hoped for in a father of my babies. While today is not a national holiday, it is a special day to be celebrated by all who know and love you!

Here are 33 words that describe you!
1. Loving
2. Kind
3. Husband
4. Father
5. Son
6. Sacrificing
7. Strong
8. Tall
9. Dark
10. Handsome :)
11. Smart
12. Doctor
13. Leader
14. Selfless
15. Motivated
16. Determined
17. Role Model
18. Reserved
19. Family Man
20. Teacher
21. Humble
22. Ambitious
23. Considerate
24. Faithful
25. God Loving
26. Trustworthy
27. Loyal
28. Polite
29. Soon to be Triathlete!
30. Mac Lover
31. iphone adorer
32. Provider
33. Man of my dreams

I love you and am blessed to have been able to celebrate 19 birthdays with you. Here is to many more.


Lacey said...

Happy Birthday Max!

Anonymous said...

Dear Max, Happy Birthday! You the man! Uncle, John