Karlie's Rockin 6th Birthday

Max's Birthday kicks of the birthday bonanza in our house. We celebrate 5 of our 6 birthdays within a 7 week span! Needless to say it is a busy but fun time. There is a party nearly every other week. :)
This last weekend we celebrated Karlie's 6th birthday with a rockin 50s sock hop. All the kids and some of the adults dressed accordingly. My sister Chrysti was the professional photographer for the event, so you will have to suffer through about 100 pictures!

Her invitation turned out so cute. The cake was fun to make too!

I used ribbon around the bottom for the first time. It gave the cake a polished look in much less time than a fondant border. Karlie loved her poodle. She almost ate all of it.

I made the girl's outfits and had a lot of felt left over so I quickly sewed up some goodie bags and added names for the guests.
Hailey and her buddy Erin.
Karlie wanted hot pink and Kaitlin wanted purple with a pink poodle.
I added a shamrock to Karlie's poodle for a little extra luck.
The cousin gang: Karlie, Max, Hank, Titus, and Kaitlin
I did my best June Cleaver impersonation.
Grammy had Papa's class ring around her neck!
Can you believe I married this trouble maker?
Even baby Rayah sported a poodle skirt!

We had lots of fun playing games while rockin to the good oldies. The first game was pin the tail on the poodle.
Next we played freeze dance with a balloon drop.
Karlie insisted on a balloon drop. After much grumbling and groaning Max and Pops created a balloon net out of streamers and tapped it to the fan. It worked perfectly once we started the fan. The kids loved it!
What kid birthday party would be complete without the pinata?

Candy is the key to any successful kid party.
Even Hank gathered up some loot.

Karlie making sure every piece is out of the pinata.

Limbo was a huge hit, although some of us had trouble walking the next day. I am not saying any names, but she was over six.

Pops had the skills!

Yeah, that is why I wasn't able to walk in the morning.

Kerrie was the limbo champ. Bet she had trouble walking too!
Hank thought it was a breeze.
With all the limbo fun we were having we forgot to have a hula hoop contest. Aww shucks!
Oh Barbie! It should have been a Barbie birthday. I think Karlie is now the proud owner of every make and model of Barbie available. Her girlfriends all wanted to stay and play Barbies. :)

I hope all your wishes come true sweet girl!

We finished the party off with pizza and cake. The bottom layer was an eggless chocolate recipe that Jeanette has been using for years as her "slam cake." It is now the official birthday cake in our house. I made a chocolate buttercream icing for it and the top layer was strawberry with buttercream icing. It was so great to be able to let Hank partake in the cake eating! Here is the recipe. I bet no one will know it is eggless, that is how good it is!

Jeanette's Eggless Cake

3 cups flour
2 cups sugar
2 Tbsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
6 Tbsp Cocoa
2 tsp Vanilla
2 Tbsp vinegar
2/3 cups oil
2 cups water

Mix the dry ingredients together and wet together and then combine the two. Pour into a greased pan and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. At our altitude it needed to bake for 37 minutes.

It is ironic that this is now the main cake I bake. Jeanette had given me this recipe when Max and I got married and I always wondered why you would want to go through all the effort for a cake from scratch when you can pick up a boxed cake for a buck and just add a few eggs and some water and oil. Funny how that is no longer an option and how thrilled I am to make a cake from scratch so Hank can eat it. I hope you will try it. It is very moist and tasty!


Courtney said...

You've done it again, girl! I love her cake. Will you come make my kids' cakes?! A fun theme too. The skirts came out adorable. Happy 6th Birthday Karlie! What a 'lucky' sweet girl you are!

Lacey said...

The party turned out awesome. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the last two pictures of her and her cake. She looks so happy, content and such a big girl. Happy birthday sweet Karlie girl!!

Heather said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Katie, you did a great job with everything!

Anonymous said...

Your June Cleaver was close, closer pearl necklace and apron - it was a joy to see the joy. Gigi

Anonymous said...

I get to have my first birthday party this year and I am getting such good ideas for future ones...when the girls actually can remember and enjoy the party more. I get to pick the theme this year...smiles...winnie the pooh. I will be calling you for ideas in the years to come.