Coup d'état in the name of "Happy Birthday Katie"

I'm overthrowing the rightful owner of this blog for one day to honor her on her birthday. What would our lives be without Katie anyway? She adds so much kindness, warmth, and happiness to so many people near and far. Katie is one of those rare people who can make everyone around her a better person. We are blessed to her her in our lives.

Have a great 33rd birthday!

We all love you so much.



Courtney said...

I am so grateful to have met you on our first day of nursing school. Two young ladies with big dreams (and no kids!) we were. ;)
Your spirit and kindness are contagious. I hope you have the kind of day you deserve!
Love you!

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!!! Hope that you have your best birthday yet!! So thankful to have you in my life! Thanks for being a great friend!

Blog a Blurb said...

Yeah!!!! Katie got her own birthday recognition. Happy birthday dear one!!! A necessary coup!!!

Anonymous said...

Good mom, good wife, good luck f/all yr family - a blessing, to be exact. Gigi

Anonymous said...

Champ Wife, Mom & Blogger! Love, Uncle John