Hank's Birthday

What could be better than cake batter for breakfast?
Hank is really into construction vehicles so we made him a "digger cake." He was really excited when he woke up from his nap to find this.
Crumbled up Oreo made edible dirt.
The cake is eggless chocolate with cream cheese frosting.
Jelly Beans as rocks.
Hank blew out his candles on his own! Then he went for the digger and started licking the "dirt" out.

Hmmm? Play or eat?

I guess it wouldn't hurt to eat.
Forks are for babies.
Hank spent a little time snuggling with his Great Papa. Grandpa came over and helped fix Max's riding lawn mower and well, that pretty much sealed the deal for Hank. Grandpa is a pretty cool guy in his book!
Hank got a bean bag of his own that served as the king chair while he opened presents.
At this age one present is more than enough. After his first gift he was done. We had to keep encouraging him to open more. With each one he would get serious about playing with it just in time to open another one. All the kids wanted the koosh ball and he didn't want to share.
Grammy and Papa got him a lawn mower. Hank has been mowing nonstop since then. He just loves being outside.
When the kids turn one Aunt Anna makes them a special little pillow to sleep with. When they turn two they get a full size pillow. I made Hank a Thomas the train and tractor pillow cases for his new big boy pillow. I think he was pleased. :) Pretty nice day in the life of a two year old.


Courtney said...

fun times, cute cake, adorable boy! I'm up for some chocolate dirt too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday digger dude. Uncle, John