How Kaitlin Spent Her Birthday

Kaitlin wanted "circle cakes" (an egg in the middle of a pancake with syrup all over it) for breakfast.
She wanted purple cupcakes with flowers for her preschool celebration. We took purple Peeps for the egg, peanut and gluten allergy kids.
She dressed in her prettiest Hawaiian dress. I had my mom take her to McDonald's for lunch while we were busy bees working on her surprise room make over.
For dinner she requested glorified mac-n-cheese, chicken sandwiches and strawberries. With all the cake we have been having, she was OK having brownie sundaes for her birthday. It was really fun to redo her room and she was so happy. I think our little lady had a very happy Birthday. You will have to see the room make over post tomorrow...

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Courtney said...

I love your "pick the menu" tradition. I need to remember that one! Can't wait to see the room.