Pop Chips

We all have our guilty pleasures. Mine happens to be chips. I hoard them. I hide them from the kids. I make them have gold fish and grapes while I hand over fist shove Doritos in my mouth. Every day I look forward to lunch. Forget Miller time. It's Doritos time! I try to ignore my bright orange fingers and all the carcinogens I am happily devouring. I love them.

I am embarrassed to say I eat an entire bag of chips myself a week. Can you be addicted to chips? I set boundaries. Only two (huge) handfuls and only once a day. Every time I open the pantry they call to me like a sweet Siren. I have tired to do Pirates Booty and it is OK in a pinch, but my first love will always be Doritos.

Then I met PopChips. They are not fired or baked. The are pressure popped potatoes. So far I have eaten the Salt and Vinegar and the Barbecue. It makes my mouth water thinking about these. Twenty chips are 120 calories with no Saturated fat and only 6% of my daily fat. However my beloved Doritos are 140 calories with 63 of them being from fat. They also have saturated fat and 11% of total fat calories for the day. So you know what that means? I can eat twice as many PopChips!

I felt the need to share about these great chips since I ate an entire bag in one day. You can find them at Target, Safeway and Whole Foods. Target has them on sale for $2.50 right now. I think I will run over and get the Original, and the Slat & Pepper. Oh maybe the Parmesan Garlic, and then there is the Cheddar and the oh so lovely Sour Cream & Onion too! Think it is time to form a support group? :0)


MandM said...

I also looove these. I give some to Brandon for his snack and he loves them. Costco has a lg family size bag sour cream and onion for only $4.00!! SOOO good :)

MandM said...
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Lacey said...

LOL. I haven't seen those but will be on the look out for them. We love the family snack mix. It is not as bad as the dorito's but has the doritos in them. :P) The kids love pirate booty too. I will let you know how I like pop chips when I try them. I am always at Target so it should be soon. :)

Lacey said...

Got them to today, ate almost the entire multigrain with sea salt flavor bag on the way home. I felt guilty until I realized there were only 3 servings per bag. :) Then I felt a little better. :)