Princess Kaitlin's Royal Birthday Ball

Kaitlin requested a "princess" birthday this year. I didn't want to do the traditional Disney style party so we had a Royal Ball instead. It started with her invitations that were made to look like old scrolls (burn the edges of ivory paper and insert a royal crest).
They read: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Her Majesty, Princess Kaitlin of the Royal house of Smith requests your presence at the magical celebration of the 4th year of her birth at our castle on April 3rd, 2010 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Gowns, crowns and knights too, nothing short of a royal celebration will do! RSVP to the King and Queen.
We sealed them with wax and hand delivered being sure to request the appropriate prince or princess.
For decorations we hung up the girls' dress-up clothes and placed princess slippers on the steps. They were also in case anyone forgot to dress up, we had some for them to choose from.
I bought pink, purple and red plastic table cloths from the Dollar store to create the red carpet and hang "tapestries" around the castle.
We were honored to have many distinguished royalty in our presence. Princess Rayah from the North Creek.
Princess Lucy from the Haven.
The Dutches and Duke of Aurora along with Prince Jack and Princess Addison and Princess Erin. Karlie is betrothed to Prince Jack. :0)
I love to make special cakes for the kids on their birthdays. Usually my vision exceeds my ability but I think this one actually lived up to my expectations. Although baking cakes and creating your masterpiece is always challenging with the "help" available.
You probably can't see the chocolate splatter that is all over the front of Max's shirt. This is what happens when Hank decides to turn the electric mixer on while it was lifted out of the bowl.
What's the big deal dad?
Here is Cinderella. Her dress is strawberry and the base is egg less chocolate cake. They are both covered with buttercream icing and marshmallow fondant.

That is why I bake them! :0)
I hope all your dreams come true and you have a fairy tale life sweet girl.
I guess it tasted good enough to lick of the leftovers.
For games we decorated tiaras and crowns.
Cinderella had lost her slipper and all the royal party had to go on a hunt to find it. Kaitlin found it!
Seems they always want a Pinata. Here is the Princess herself taking a swing.
Sleeping Beauty woke up long enough to take a few whacks.
Princess Hailey showed them how a real lady takes a swing. We also played Royal Relay with "diamonds" (otherwise known as ice cubes). The kids had to pass the ice cube on spoons. Three and four year olds might be a little young for this one. But they loved Freeze Ball Dance. We danced to the Cinderella soundtrack. Those girls could dance all night long.

Prizes included rubies and sapphires (blue and red M and Ms) and glow in the dark bracelets to help them on their journey home.
All the ladies in waiting helping Princess Kaitlin open her gifts. At times it looked like a melee.
I got to use my bridesmaid gown from 8 years ago. It is regular attire for Tea parties and such.

We had a lot of fun celebrating our littlest princess' birthday. Now we are gearing up for little man's birthday...


Courtney said...

Katie, how do you do it? :) That cake rocks and you thought of everything from decorations to games. If you aren't "booked" for a party in September, you are hired!

Courtney said...

PS...I like Max's shirt. Go BUFFS! Are you trading sides? ;)

Lacey said...

You seriously amaze me. AMAZE ME. I don't know how you do it, but you always do! What a magical party for a sweet little girl.

Happy Birthday Kaitlin!! You are such a sweet, loving little girl. I hope this is your best year yet!