Houston, We Have a Problem...

It seems our boy has a thing for shoes. Especially girls and women's. Max loves a nice pair of high heels-on me. Hank on the other hand is all about trying them out for himself. I can't wait to embarrass him for his senior slide show. :0)

Hope he grows out of this. LOL

Kindergarten Celebration

Today Karlie had her Kindergarten celebration. Each of the kids read their favorite Kindergarten memory.
"My favorite Kindergarten memory was when I learned how to write it was STUPENDOUS!"
Karlie and the best Kindergarten teacher that ever lived. :0) She was so sweet. She could hardly speak with out breaking up in tears. You could see how she genuinely loved the kids and enjoyed teaching them.
Best Buddies. These two met on back to school night and have been fast friends since.
Everything was fine until we got in the car. Then the tears started rolling down her cheeks. "I miss my teacher" she cried. As we got out of the car at home, Kaitlin started bawling too. I asked her what was wrong and she cried, "I don't know." She is such a tender heart, I think she was upset that Karlie was upset. Oh man am I going to be in trouble when the hormonal and emotional teen years come.

Preschool Graduation

Today Kaitlin had her graduation from 2 day a week preschool. It was really cute. They decorated the room with balloons and covered all the desks to make the room look fancy. The kids wore paper graduation hats and they sang I Had a Little Turtle, ABC's, and If You are Ready to go to Kindergarten Say Goodbye. Then the teachers took turns reading the interviews they had done with each child. Some of the answers for what your mom and dad do all day were hilarious such as, "My dad naps all day," or "My mom plays the X and O game on her phone all day," or "My dad works on my mom's car all day." I couldn't wait to hear what Kaitlin had to say. :0)

My Favorite color is: Pink
My favorite song is: "The Wheels on the Bus"
My favorite food to eat is: "apples"
My mom "shops" all day.
My dad "makes dinner" all day.
My favorite thing to do at school is: "play outside"
When I grow up, I want to be a" "princess"
So I was busted on the shopping. LOL As far as Daddy making dinner all day, the only thing I can figure is that she always asks when Daddy will be home and I say at dinner time. Often he walks in and we sit down to eat. So maybe she thinks he is working on dinner all day and when it is ready he comes home. :0) Not sure what she thinks I am doing in the kitchen every night, oh right... I am shopping!

She was so happy until it was time to say goodbye. She gave her first two teachers a hug goodbye and then she came to her favorite teacher Mrs. Peggy. Kaitlin clutched her and began to sob. Big huge tears and deep sobs. :( She refused to let go of her and just kept crying her little heart out. This made Mrs. Peggy cry which made me cry. I was so happy to see what a positive experience it had been for her. Kaitlin has a very big and tender heart. Change is hard for her too. She really bonded with her teachers and she improved dramatically this year with their hard work and guidance. In an attempt to cheer her up we reminded her that next year she gets to go for 4 days and she will see Mrs. Peggy again soon. It fell on deaf ears. She just kept hugging and crying. I had to carry her to the car she was so broken up. My little Shuggie is such a sweetheart. I will have to bring a box of Kleenex for next year.

Field Day

With the end of school come all the fun celebrations such a field day. Typically this is a very hot day filled with refreshing water games. This year it was very cold but the show must go on!
Karlie and her best buddy got to carry the class flag during opening ceremonies. They don't mess around with field day at this school. The band students played many favorites including Chariots of Fire and the local police did their sirens for the graduating 5th graders. It really got all the kids (and parents) pumped up!

Notice Hank hanging out in the stroller behind Hailey. We got quite a work out running between the girls' events. Hailey smacked a few great hits!
Double trouble.
They had to get as many marbles out with their toes as they could. Karlie squealed with delight each time she got one. Brrrrr.
The race. Karlie was leading at the turn around and then took a face plant. She started to get back up and run, but then decided it actually hurt and came over for a little all better kiss from me.
Girls rocked on the tug of war!
Team work.
This is when it got dicey. They had to carry buckets of water to another bucket and see which team could fill their up first. You can see what the moms are wearing over by Hank. Jeans and warm jackets. While the girls are running in swim suits.

Jump rope contest. All in all there were 32 stations. Hank and I had to leave half way through it to go get Kaitlin from school and do naps. I was happy to get in the warm car, I can't imagine how the kids did half of the activities soaking wet. If you ask them about it, they don't even recall the weather, just how much fun it was. Ah to be a kid again! :0)

Hailey's Poetry Jam

Today the 3rd grade class had a Poetry Jam where each of the students read a poem they wrote. Hailey's teacher gave them the suggestion to choose a color and use their five senses when writing about it. Here is Hailey's poem.
White is the color of a dashing horse,
And a gleam of a sparkling star on a black sky.

It feels like the cold wet snow on a winter day.
White looks like the clouds on a clear day.

White is the touch of soft cotton in my teddy bear.
It makes you tired, want to daze and stare.

If feels smooth and bright
And makes me want to clench something tight.

It taste like the mash potatoes on my dinner plate.
It smells like the marshmallows in my hot chocolate.

Sounds like the crumpling of a rotten paper
and the ringing of a phone.

White is the color a happy in every single tone.

By Hailey

Summer Break

I am looking forward to the summer break. A break from my morning drill Sergent routine. It will be nice to not bark, "brush your teeth, brush your hair, make your bed, find your shoes, get your homework, pack your lunch bag, and where is your coat!?" I really thought after a year of the same drill every morning the kids would have it down. Alas, I was still yelling the same things this morning was I was the first day of school.

I am also looking forward to a break in all the activities. Some time to just play and hang out. Right now we have choir on Tuesday, Brownies and volleyball on Wednesday, piano on Thursday, horse lessons, soccer and dance on Saturday. Add homework and church in there too and we seem to be always in motion.
Not that this monkey ever slows down. Take note of the dirt around his mouth and up his nose. He was gardening with his dump truck one afternoon.
Even still, it will be nice have all my monkeys home playing in the dirt as long as they want.

No Professional Here

Last week I did my second commissioned cake. I was super excited to do this one since it was for a baby shower. As you know, I love all things baby! The customer didn't ask for anything but chocolate cake and two layers or enough for 20 people. I planned and thought and googled all week! I kept changing my plan, right up until the day I started baking.
Karlie was my official sous chef. She made a diorama out of my test colors. She made a lake with a mountain and trees around it. She also made a frog and and swan. She loves to help me bake and offered me many valuable tips as I tried to get the color I was aiming for.

At one point in the afternoon, I had my four kids and three of the neighbor kids over. The oldest one was very interested in the cake process and he alternated between helping me roll the fondant onto the cakes and watching over Hank. I am not sure I could have done it without his help. He thought his mom and I should open up a cake shop. :0)
I really liked the stripe ribbon the minute I saw it and wanted to use it for the cake. I was worried that if I left both tiers white, it would look too much like a wedding cake. It was much harder to dye the fondant to the perfect color than I thought it would be. As a result, the fondant got dry and I ended up with air bubbles under it after I applied it to the cake. The white was perfect. But that was where perfect ended.
The customer who was throwing the baby shower had liked Hank's blocks for his first birthday, so I knew I wanted to make blocks. The cake blocks were very heavy and hard to work with, so I tired making rice crispy blocks this time.
I covered all but the bottom with the white fondant and then put the border and shapes and letters on.
This took a long time. The whole cake took about 9 hours with the blocks taking about three.The baby's name is going to be Declan and the family is Irish, so I wanted to incorporate his name and heritage.

Looked ok when we went to bed. Of course there are tons of blemishes but it was presentable.
The cake settled over night and started to sag! There were tons of air bubbles. I tired to pop some with a pin but when I tried to smooth it, the fondant tore. Yikes!
I decided to put a nice BIG banner on the back to cover my botch.
I then added some baby feet for the bottom.
The back ended up looking like the front! Rats! So 9 hours, 7 kids, and a ton of mistakes. Clearly no professional. Although it still managed to be a hit. The mom to be wanted to save the blocks in the freezer like a wedding cake. Got to love those happy pregnant hormones, makes for an easy to please customer.

I think I will take a cake class if I continue to get request. The lady who ordered the cake was talking about making one for when the Pathology residents graduate. I am thinking gory body parts, then you won't be able to tell I messed up!

I Do Like Shoes

My sister Chrysti gave me the Stiletto Award. I do like shoes and I think Max likes them even more. I am very excited to wear stilettos in some fashion, even if it is virtual. :) Thank you Chrysti for all your kind words. We have to keep laughing or we'd go insane! Love you.


There are thousands of blogs, and there are hundreds of awards. The Stiletto Award is a little different than most!

The Stiletto Award Is For Excellence in Blogging!
I want to salute the women who balance life, family & relationships with style & class! Those women who share their experiences with us…who encourage us, inspire us, teach us, make us laugh and basically keep us going! You know who they are! While you read this blog, your family is looking at you wondering what the heck you are laughing about so hard…or why the tissue is necessary for internet browsing. It’s the one that the kids are excited about cuz a new post means a new craft project or family outing. The one that inspires you to be a better mom, friend, person in general. The one that reminds you that we are all “in this life together” and you’re not the only one going through the hard stuff. The one that you secretly wish your blog was like…
If you’ve received this award, someone out there thinks you deserve it! Be proud! Display the badge with honor! You earned it…after all it means that you brought something special to at least one other person, and really, isn’t that what life’s all about????


This award is meant to be shared, to be given out, to be bestowed upon any and ALL women who exemplify what the stiletto represents. If you’ve received this award, here’s what you do:
1. Display your Stiletto Badge of Honor on your sidebar! Wear it with pride!

5. DO WHAT YOU DO...keep at it. Keep inspiring and encouraging and sharing your life! We love it and we thank you!!!
I would like to pass this award onto Lacey. Lacey is that mom that deep down you wish you could be more like her. She has it all together and balances life, family & relationships with style & class! She is one of the most stylish moms I know. She puts her kids first but also hasn't lost herself in motherhood. She knows how to have a lot of fun along the way. You make motherhood look easy and fun! If anyone can get away with Stilettos, it's you girl! Thanks for sharing your life with us and inspiring other moms to kick their mom shoes to the closet and laugh at the curve balls life throws. To this day I have never laughed harder than when Hadley took off her diaper at nap and had poop all over the crib, her face and her Paci! Most moms couldn't laugh that one off - TWICE!

Happy Birthday Jeanette!

Happy Birthday Jeanette! I am so blessed to call you Mom #2. You have taught me so much and loved me even more. We can't wait to see you. I hope you had a great day. We love you!


This is the middle of May in Colorado. Seriously? This morning we woke to snow covered trees and grass. It has been unusually cold this year. I am so eager for some warm days. One of the best gifts we had was a 70 degree day on Mother's Day. We took full advantage of the weather.
My Mom and sisters and their families all came over for a little celebration. The girls all sat around and chatted.
The boys played a little Bocce Ball. Karlie loves this game and played with them too.
Max got a little Mother's Day present. Can't pass up a good deal on craigslist. The guys helped him move it and set it up so we could have grilled steak tacos.
I got to get my baby fix.
I was spoiled rotten this year. The kids woke me up with breakfast in bed. I then leisurely ate breakfast and drank my coffee while reading the paper. There were sweet handmade cards and a little box too. Ladies all know good things come in little boxes! I have wanted a new mother's ring since Hank was born (since I only had the girls on my old one) and this year my sweet husband got it. It is gorgeous and I am so happy to have all my babies on there.

We then went to church and had a great day of playing in the sun. Looking outside today, it seems it must have been a wonderful dream.