Field Day

With the end of school come all the fun celebrations such a field day. Typically this is a very hot day filled with refreshing water games. This year it was very cold but the show must go on!
Karlie and her best buddy got to carry the class flag during opening ceremonies. They don't mess around with field day at this school. The band students played many favorites including Chariots of Fire and the local police did their sirens for the graduating 5th graders. It really got all the kids (and parents) pumped up!

Notice Hank hanging out in the stroller behind Hailey. We got quite a work out running between the girls' events. Hailey smacked a few great hits!
Double trouble.
They had to get as many marbles out with their toes as they could. Karlie squealed with delight each time she got one. Brrrrr.
The race. Karlie was leading at the turn around and then took a face plant. She started to get back up and run, but then decided it actually hurt and came over for a little all better kiss from me.
Girls rocked on the tug of war!
Team work.
This is when it got dicey. They had to carry buckets of water to another bucket and see which team could fill their up first. You can see what the moms are wearing over by Hank. Jeans and warm jackets. While the girls are running in swim suits.

Jump rope contest. All in all there were 32 stations. Hank and I had to leave half way through it to go get Kaitlin from school and do naps. I was happy to get in the warm car, I can't imagine how the kids did half of the activities soaking wet. If you ask them about it, they don't even recall the weather, just how much fun it was. Ah to be a kid again! :0)

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