Hailey's Poetry Jam

Today the 3rd grade class had a Poetry Jam where each of the students read a poem they wrote. Hailey's teacher gave them the suggestion to choose a color and use their five senses when writing about it. Here is Hailey's poem.
White is the color of a dashing horse,
And a gleam of a sparkling star on a black sky.

It feels like the cold wet snow on a winter day.
White looks like the clouds on a clear day.

White is the touch of soft cotton in my teddy bear.
It makes you tired, want to daze and stare.

If feels smooth and bright
And makes me want to clench something tight.

It taste like the mash potatoes on my dinner plate.
It smells like the marshmallows in my hot chocolate.

Sounds like the crumpling of a rotten paper
and the ringing of a phone.

White is the color a happy in every single tone.

By Hailey

1 comment:

Courtney said...

I love that she chose white! I would guess pink or purple...
What a great little writer you have! Just like her mom.