Kindergarten Celebration

Today Karlie had her Kindergarten celebration. Each of the kids read their favorite Kindergarten memory.
"My favorite Kindergarten memory was when I learned how to write it was STUPENDOUS!"
Karlie and the best Kindergarten teacher that ever lived. :0) She was so sweet. She could hardly speak with out breaking up in tears. You could see how she genuinely loved the kids and enjoyed teaching them.
Best Buddies. These two met on back to school night and have been fast friends since.
Everything was fine until we got in the car. Then the tears started rolling down her cheeks. "I miss my teacher" she cried. As we got out of the car at home, Kaitlin started bawling too. I asked her what was wrong and she cried, "I don't know." She is such a tender heart, I think she was upset that Karlie was upset. Oh man am I going to be in trouble when the hormonal and emotional teen years come.


Lacey said...

Such a sweet post. I can SO relate being a former teacher. I used to cry as my kids left every year as you get so attached. And now as a parent, I still cry as I get attached to their teachers and it reminds me how they are another year older. Can't believe how fast this year zipped by. Kaitlyn is such a sweet heart. I love her empathy. Let Summer begin!!

Carolyn said...

Chris had Mrs. Good - brings back memories! Just found your blog - pics are soo cute!!