No Professional Here

Last week I did my second commissioned cake. I was super excited to do this one since it was for a baby shower. As you know, I love all things baby! The customer didn't ask for anything but chocolate cake and two layers or enough for 20 people. I planned and thought and googled all week! I kept changing my plan, right up until the day I started baking.
Karlie was my official sous chef. She made a diorama out of my test colors. She made a lake with a mountain and trees around it. She also made a frog and and swan. She loves to help me bake and offered me many valuable tips as I tried to get the color I was aiming for.

At one point in the afternoon, I had my four kids and three of the neighbor kids over. The oldest one was very interested in the cake process and he alternated between helping me roll the fondant onto the cakes and watching over Hank. I am not sure I could have done it without his help. He thought his mom and I should open up a cake shop. :0)
I really liked the stripe ribbon the minute I saw it and wanted to use it for the cake. I was worried that if I left both tiers white, it would look too much like a wedding cake. It was much harder to dye the fondant to the perfect color than I thought it would be. As a result, the fondant got dry and I ended up with air bubbles under it after I applied it to the cake. The white was perfect. But that was where perfect ended.
The customer who was throwing the baby shower had liked Hank's blocks for his first birthday, so I knew I wanted to make blocks. The cake blocks were very heavy and hard to work with, so I tired making rice crispy blocks this time.
I covered all but the bottom with the white fondant and then put the border and shapes and letters on.
This took a long time. The whole cake took about 9 hours with the blocks taking about three.The baby's name is going to be Declan and the family is Irish, so I wanted to incorporate his name and heritage.

Looked ok when we went to bed. Of course there are tons of blemishes but it was presentable.
The cake settled over night and started to sag! There were tons of air bubbles. I tired to pop some with a pin but when I tried to smooth it, the fondant tore. Yikes!
I decided to put a nice BIG banner on the back to cover my botch.
I then added some baby feet for the bottom.
The back ended up looking like the front! Rats! So 9 hours, 7 kids, and a ton of mistakes. Clearly no professional. Although it still managed to be a hit. The mom to be wanted to save the blocks in the freezer like a wedding cake. Got to love those happy pregnant hormones, makes for an easy to please customer.

I think I will take a cake class if I continue to get request. The lady who ordered the cake was talking about making one for when the Pathology residents graduate. I am thinking gory body parts, then you won't be able to tell I messed up!

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Blog a Blurb said...

If you hadn't confessed the mistakes, no one would know! Looked very cool. Especially like the little feet!