Preschool Graduation

Today Kaitlin had her graduation from 2 day a week preschool. It was really cute. They decorated the room with balloons and covered all the desks to make the room look fancy. The kids wore paper graduation hats and they sang I Had a Little Turtle, ABC's, and If You are Ready to go to Kindergarten Say Goodbye. Then the teachers took turns reading the interviews they had done with each child. Some of the answers for what your mom and dad do all day were hilarious such as, "My dad naps all day," or "My mom plays the X and O game on her phone all day," or "My dad works on my mom's car all day." I couldn't wait to hear what Kaitlin had to say. :0)

My Favorite color is: Pink
My favorite song is: "The Wheels on the Bus"
My favorite food to eat is: "apples"
My mom "shops" all day.
My dad "makes dinner" all day.
My favorite thing to do at school is: "play outside"
When I grow up, I want to be a" "princess"
So I was busted on the shopping. LOL As far as Daddy making dinner all day, the only thing I can figure is that she always asks when Daddy will be home and I say at dinner time. Often he walks in and we sit down to eat. So maybe she thinks he is working on dinner all day and when it is ready he comes home. :0) Not sure what she thinks I am doing in the kitchen every night, oh right... I am shopping!

She was so happy until it was time to say goodbye. She gave her first two teachers a hug goodbye and then she came to her favorite teacher Mrs. Peggy. Kaitlin clutched her and began to sob. Big huge tears and deep sobs. :( She refused to let go of her and just kept crying her little heart out. This made Mrs. Peggy cry which made me cry. I was so happy to see what a positive experience it had been for her. Kaitlin has a very big and tender heart. Change is hard for her too. She really bonded with her teachers and she improved dramatically this year with their hard work and guidance. In an attempt to cheer her up we reminded her that next year she gets to go for 4 days and she will see Mrs. Peggy again soon. It fell on deaf ears. She just kept hugging and crying. I had to carry her to the car she was so broken up. My little Shuggie is such a sweetheart. I will have to bring a box of Kleenex for next year.

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Courtney said...

It's so hard seeing them grow up! She is so sweet. And how is it that your job is way cooler than my day "job"?!LOL.