Summer Break

I am looking forward to the summer break. A break from my morning drill Sergent routine. It will be nice to not bark, "brush your teeth, brush your hair, make your bed, find your shoes, get your homework, pack your lunch bag, and where is your coat!?" I really thought after a year of the same drill every morning the kids would have it down. Alas, I was still yelling the same things this morning was I was the first day of school.

I am also looking forward to a break in all the activities. Some time to just play and hang out. Right now we have choir on Tuesday, Brownies and volleyball on Wednesday, piano on Thursday, horse lessons, soccer and dance on Saturday. Add homework and church in there too and we seem to be always in motion.
Not that this monkey ever slows down. Take note of the dirt around his mouth and up his nose. He was gardening with his dump truck one afternoon.
Even still, it will be nice have all my monkeys home playing in the dirt as long as they want.

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