Bay Area Discovery Museum

We did so much and had so much fun while we were visiting Pops and Gramma Nette that I will have lots of post to share.
On day we went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. This was the perfect place for our age range of kids. They had activities for all of them. It was another very cold day in the Bay. As the old saying goes, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."
At the space exhibit they learned all about space, including sitting on a toilet similar to one is a space ship and how astronauts sleep and eat. They tested their ability to perform under stress.
Playing dress up.
They had a few art centers. The girls enjoyed painting while Hank and Gramma Nette built towers with blocks. Hank liked knocking them over the most.

They had an outdoor mini golden gate bridge and ship wreck to play and construct on. If it had been warmer we would have stayed at this area much longer.

They also had a train table and sea exhibit. Hank was in heaven with the trains while the girls ran all over the ocean. It was a great place for our little explorers.

We realized what an amazing place the Villa is to visit. There is so much to do in a 30 minute radius that we will have years of fun visits ahead of us!

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