California Girls and the Little Man

I think the music helps set the mood.

It was a gorgeous day at the Villa, however fog and wind greeted us at the beach. I thought Colorado was cold.
The kids were determined to play in the ocean, even if it was in the 50s.

Nope. She's not cute or anything.
Hailey lasted the longest. I was frozen in a sweatshirt with a towel around me and she ran in the waves for sometime.
Hank was happy rolling the sand and being allowed to throw it.
The seaweed was pretty fun to throw too.
This was our camp up against a bluff. For our birthdays this year Monty and Jeanette got us all Cal Bears sweatshirts. I am not sure, but I think there is a subliminal message going on here. :0)
Kaitlin had fun playing in the sand. We must have just missed the sun because the sand was still warm on our feet.
Well, the water was a tad cold, so the kids decided they were just going to climb the bluff in their wet suits with huge gusts of wind. Much warmer.
Wait for me.
Me too!
Max had to calm my fear about what was on the other side, so he climbed up too.
While it wasn't the day at the beach we had hoped for, it was still pretty beachy.


MandM said...

What day did you all go, cuz I think if you would have waited till Sunday you could have enjoyed the 101 degree weather ;)

Courtney said...

There's nothing like the ocean and kids! Cute pics, and I love the Cal sweatshirts.

Heather said...

Makes me cold just looking at them! Looks like you are all having a good time though.