First Taste of Summer

We officially welcomed summer this weekend. We had lots of BBQs with friends and family and ate summertime favorites.
The kids love corn on the cob. I love for them to shuck it.

Relaxing and reading.
Being able to hang out and watch cartoons in the morning.
Family bike rides.

First sunburns. Max had been working on the spa and he made Karlie put sunscreen on. She encouragingly patted him on the back as he worked, leaving her mark. :)
All his hard work paid off and he resurrected the 20 year old spa! The kids had so much fun. It will be a great mini pool for the summer.
A little golf.
We ended our first weekend of summer with movie night featuring Mary Poppins and popcorn. I have to say the weekend was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and "practically perfect in every way!"

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Courtney said...

fun! we've been on a mary poppins kick too! didn't know you had a hot tub! Now you just need a pool...