While the little ones were napping one day, Hailey, Karlie and I went out to pick weeds in the garden and it reminded me of the parable of the sower in Mark. I began to tell it to the girls and Hailey said, "Oh, I love this one!" So I continued with a version similar to this. A farmer sows seed in a field and some seed falls on the paths, and the birds quickly eat it. Some seed falls where there are rocks, and not much soil. Plants grow quickly, but soon the sun dries them. There is not enough soil, and the plants die. Some seed begins to grow in a place where there are too many weeds. The weeds stop the growth of the plants, and the plants die. But other seed falls on good ground, so the plants grow well. The farmer has a harvest a hundred times what he planted.

I then asked them if they knew what the seed represented. They both responded no, so I told them how the seed is the word and retold the story as Jesus as the farmer and how people receive the word. Hailey sat and thought for a while and she said, "we are kinda like the seed with the weeds, huh mom. We love God but we let other stuff get in the way." She is so perceptive. We decided over the summer that just like weeding the garden every day is better than doing it once a week, that we were going to garden our hearts everyday instead of just on Sunday.

The kids had VBS this last week and they were bursting with joy all week. I could really see how the word was impacting them on a daily basis. It is so easy for us to get caught up in the ant march that we often don't make enough time for God. I am working on a way to incorporate some age appropriate Bible time for all of us each day. While I am still gathering all the tools, I found this site for the kids. It has a daily lesson and a story relating to the passage is read to the kids. I am hoping that listening on the computer will keep their interest and then we can talk about what they learned. I feel like we move from one soil to another in our journey and I am praying we can be in the good soil more than the weed filled one. Why is it so easy for the weeds to grow?

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Lacey said...

You are such a good mommy. Share whatever you find. We could use some weeding in this house too. :)