Hailey's 9th Birthday

Hailey requested creamed eggs over toast for breakfast.
Then we were off for manicures with Grandma.
The little ladies thought this was so much fun.
After the manicures Grandma watched the kids so Max and I could take Hailey to get her ears pierced. I have told the girls they can have their ears pierced when they have proven they are responsible enough to care for their ears and earrings. They also have to be brave enough to get it done. Hailey reached the responsible criteria some time ago, however, she hadn't been ready to go through the pain until recently. I think the fact that all of her girlfriends but one have their ears pierced summoned the courage in her. :)
Trying so hard to grow up. This rite of passage wouldn't be complete with out H Bear and yellow.
I am not so sure Daddy was ready for it. Should have brought his bear too.
Marking the spot and checking it twice.
The big moment.
She handled it great. Not a tear or wince. My big girl with beautiful pierced ears! She chose her birthstone.

Max and I then took her to her favorite fast food, Subway, for lunch. After that, the family was off to our neighbor's birthday party at a water park.

We soaked up the sun, went down water slides, ate cake, and came home to make dinner.
Her birthday dinner consisted of lobster, artichokes, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Originally she wanted spaghetti included too, but I had to draw the line somewhere.
The birthday girl requested brownies and ice cream since she had cake at the party and she will be having her own birthday party with cake in a few weeks.

Pretty big doings.


Lacey said...

What a great birthday!! And she was so brave with her earrings! I just realized that Hadleys are way off...guess we'll be having to get them done again at some point. BOO.

Glad Hailey had a great birthday. Hard to believe she is 9!!! Big girl!

Courtney said...

I could see the worry in Max's expression! They grow up so fast...