Kids and Computers

We are Mac lovers and have instilled such values in our children. :) We have taught them how to find their favorite websites such at PBS kids or Bella Sara. We have shown them how to perform a Google search and see all the information that is at their fingertips.
Hailey has been cracking her knuckles lately and I told her that I had heard it was bad for your knuckles, but I wasn't sure if it was true or just and old wives tale to get kids to stop doing it. I told her we would have to Google it sometime. While I was making dinner, she decided to go resolve the question at hand.

She came back looking rather pleased and informed me that it is not harmful and went on to explain the physiology of how the knuckle "pops" and the other interesting parts of the "passage." Then she told me how she found the answer. "Mom, when I started to type 'Is it', Google had a bunch of options and the first one was, Is it bad to crack your knuckles! So I clicked on it. It also had, Is it bad to sleep with a bra on and Is it wrong to sleep with your sister." She started laughing at the 'wrong to sleep with your sister.' "That is weird," she said. Max and I looked at each other with bulging eyes. LOL

In an attempt to not have our first birds and the bees discussion start out with incest, I covered with a story about how I would trick my little sister into sleeping in my bed when were little because I was scared. I would make it look like Kerrie was scared to sleep alone, when really it was me. I explained how that wasn't very good of me. I think it worked. :) Guess I am going to have to impose a China sanction and censor Google searches around here.

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