VBS 2010

Our church always puts on an amazing Vacation Bible School in the summer. Kids from many other churches come to check it out along with kids who have no home church. This year they had 500 kids participate. The church encourages the kids to bring as many friends as they can. Hailey brought her girlfriends and Karlie got to have RJ in her group this year. This was the only time I have ever wished I had a bigger car. We call our Yukon XL the black bus. It is a beast to drive and park, but I would have gladly driven a real bus. There were more neighborhood kids that wanted to go, but we were completely full every night.

I felt like I was on my way to a teeny bopper concert each night as we blared the VBS songs and the girls danced and shouted, "throw your hands to the roof, roof!" This years theme seemed to particularly engaging. They all had a ton of fun and memorized their verses each day. As one of the songs went that I have drilled into my brain from the nightly concert went, "It filled me JOY, JOY" to see the girls loving and sharing God with their friends.

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