Young Entrepreneurs

Hailey and her girlfriend decided to set up a fruit punch stand (we were out of lemonade stuff) one weekend. I was trying to get some chores done and was not overly enthused about helping them get ready but did it anyway. They were so excited when their first customer came, I quickly adjusted my attitude as I remembered back to when I had done lemonade stands as a kid and the thrill of making money from it. I thought it would be great if they each made a few bucks.
Karlie and Kaitlin wanted in on the business venture as well and soon began bringing chairs, umbrellas and napkins out to help. The girls worked for a few hours and made 22 dollars!! Yes, 22 dollars for 3 pitchers of fruit punch. A couple boys down the street even went and got all their pennies to buy a glass. Not sure if they were really interested in the fruit punch or not.:)

The girls have since asked every weekend to reopen their business. They explored other locations, formulas, glass sizes, times of day, and prices. They found them all to be far less profitable, only bringing in 2 dollars since their first stand. I imagine this weekend they will return to their original formula and location.

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