Aunt "Kafaween's" 4th of July Party

Every year Uncle Dan and Aunt "Kafaween" (Kathleen), as Kaitlin calls her, have a major 4th of July bash. This year they had a pig roast.

There was lots of swimming.
Lots of eating. I got a plate of food that I thought could feed all the kids. Hank ate more food than I have ever seen him eat. He was stuffing the pig, beans and pie in his mouth hand over fist. Everyone around him could not believe how much food this little guy was putting down! He was very pleased with all the attention he gained from it. Hopefully this doesn't lead to a career in championship hot dog eating.
And More.
There was drinking. I don't know why, but Tequila shots just seem to follow me.
There was an orange cooler full of Margarita mix that tasted like sweet lemonade. They tasted so innocent but each glass had numerous shots of tequila in them. At the party we were at the day before, lemonade was in the same orange cooler. Kaitlin came to me with a cup of "lemonade" she had got for herself and was drinking it! YIKES!! Luckily she came to me once she first tasted it. After witnessing the effects that these sweet but deadly drinks had had on others, I was a little freaked out. Kaitlin thought it tasted good and didn't understand why she couldn't drink it. Hopefully this doesn't mean she will follow in her mom's footsteps with Tequila!
There was time to hang with family. Chrysti, Colin, Corrin, and Mel.
Rayah and Papa.
Grammy, Corrin, Papa and Rayah.
Chrysti, me and Kerrie.
Scott and Max.
Titus proudly proclaimed that he was in the pool for 9 hours!! He was such a cute fish.
RJ was his partner in crime.
Aunt Kafaween had a bubble wand and hat decorating station that the girls loved.
There were belly flops!
Hank was rather fond of Ashley. Thanks Ashley for watching all the kids at the "park!"
Did someone say fireworks?

This fascination with fire goes from this to...
this. Boys just grow up into bigger boys. Max and Scott were the pyrotechnician of the evening.
Hank loved the sparklers!
The weather turned bad and tried to rain on our parade. Not a chance. Once the music got going everyone got groovin while we attempted to wait out the rain.
Karlie and Kylee gettin down.
Broken finger couldn't stop Hailey from getting her groove on.
YMCA got everyone in the mood. Unfortunately, God wanted to display his fireworks of thunder, lightning and rain, so we didn't get to set off the big fireworks. Just more for next year. Thanks Aunt Kafaween and Uncle Dan for a sparkling good time!

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Courtney said...

Your family knows how to party! I vaguely recall that thing with you and tequila too. ;) What fun!