Our first broken bone. I am shocked it wasn't Hank. Hailey was at a friends house and was playing on their play structure. As she slid down the tube slide, she cracked her hand against the side and broke her pinkie finger. Of course it can't be a simple break. The break extends through the growth plate so we go next week to the orthopedic doctor for a consultation.

I have major mom guilt. When I picked Hailey up shortly after it happened she seemed ok. I could she that she had been crying but she still managed to grab her overnight things. Her finger was a bit swollen but straight and she could move it a little. I assumed she just jammed it. I called Max and asked him what to look for and he said he would assess it when he got home. He got home shortly before the kids were going to bed and quickly determined it was broken. :(

Poor thing had to wait all night and the next morning before getting it splinted. Sweet Hailey rarely complained and really surprised me with her pain tolerance. As the doctor moved and wrapped her finger, she remarked what a "non complainer" Hailey was. The pediatrician informed us that this was the 4th time that morning that she had fixed a broken bone and Hailey was by far the most pleasant. I guess she is officially a tough chick.

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Heather said...

Hope Hailey got an extra piece of that pie! What a sweetie - hope it is not too complicated to repair. A good excuse for her to take it easy and read some of those books she loves though. We are thinking of her.