Family Photos

For my parents' 25th wedding anniversary my sisters and their families got together for a photo shoot in Boulder. My parents have a picture wall that still has each of our graduation pictures from high school on it. It was time for an update! :0)
The crew.
Scott, Chrysti, Maximus and Titus.
Mel, Colin, and Corrin,
Getting all the kids to look and smile only took 28 shots! LOL
Kerrie, RJ and Rayah.
Soul sisters.

Unfortunately the day we picked was one of those 90 degree, high altitude, fry your skin off in 5 minutes kind of days and we were all sweating. Add a little jaunt up a hill in jeans and you really want to smile for pictures. Max and Chrysti did an excellent job in such difficult working conditions and managed to get some really nice shots. I would have loved to get individual shots of the kids too. The backdrop is unbeatable. Maybe we will shoot for a fall session where the jeans will be welcomed.


Lacey said...


Courtney said...

They turned out great!

Chrysti said...

LOVE the new layout sister....SO CUTE!!!! : )

Heather said...

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

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