Hailey's Hawaiian Luau

The invitations.On Saturday we celebrated Hailey's Birthday with friends and family. It has been such a wild and action packed summer that it wasn't until three weeks after her real birthday that we could have her party. I begged her to have it at one of those inflatable jump places, or a water park, or anywhere. She insisted on having a party at home "where we could have games and stay as long as we wanted." We settled on a Hawaiian luau theme with a slumber party to follow. I must have sipped one too many Mai Tais when I agreed to this plan.
Her Hawaiian cake. The bottom layer was white with buttercream icing, the middle was eggless chocolate with chocolate buttercream icing, and the top was strawberry with buttercream icing. We had around 50 people coming so I had to make a lot of cake. While the vision I had was totally different, it turned out pretty cute.
I made tropical delights for the kids since they couldn't have any tropical drinks.
We had many games as the Hawaiian Princess requested.
Slip N Slide races.

Many of the Hawaiian sporting events revolve around strength and water. So we tried to incorporate that into our games.
Hank thought these tough guys needed a little help against a bunch of girls.
The real women stepped up to help out.
Clayton thought he was strong enough to take us. Wrong!
We ended up with a battle of the sexes. The boys won, but they were on the downhill. :)
Hula hooping.

Beach ball relay race. They had to run through an obstacle course with the beach ball between their legs.
No luau would be complete without a limbo. I refrained from participating this time since I couldn't walk for two days after my last limbo adventure.
Pinata time! This was one of the main reasons Hailey wanted to do the party at home. You can't have a pinata at the jump house.

This is always a crowd pleaser.
Karlie collected quite a bit.
Kaitlin found a safe spot to count her loot.
Hank couldn't believe his luck! Unlimited suckers! They were falling from the sky!
Happy birthday to my lovely lady.
Her most prized gift, a novel.
Her girlfriends sang her a special song after she opened all her gifts. It was so sweet. It must be a school birthday song for none of the adults had heard it.
Slumber party time! Hot tub! Our friends took the K buddies to their house for a slumber party too. It was great to just have Hank and the giggling girls.
After playing in the hot tub they watched a movie and had popcorn. I went down and helped them all get situated for bed on mattresses and futons. The girls were still up screaming and giggling past midnight. I told them I was going to bed and they could find me sleeping in my bed if they needed anything. They continued to dance and goof around until the wee hours. Some of the girls got tired and jumped ship.
When we got up with Hank at 6:30 we found girls sprawled all over the house.
One was even sleeping on our kitchen bench! Ouch!

To finish off the slumber party we had doughnuts and manicures and pedicures. I am sure the girls' parents were really pleased with the wild nails and exhausted kids that came home.

It was a really fun evening. But, I am so glad the MKHKKH birthdays are over for another year!


Courtney said...

What a string of parties! I love love that cake! The colors are so great, you'll have to do that one again.

Anonymous said...

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