How to Party When Your 60

Pops set the bar high for my expectations of 60. If anyone knows how to have a good time, its Pops.For our adventure to California I got the kids a special outfit. I really need to find a support group for Gymboree aholics.
Hank the tank.
Kitten Kaitlin.
Crash Karlie.
Hailey Jo Bean.
Besides having adoring grandchildren at your bash, a few other elements are needed if you hope to attain Pops' level. Uncle Stu is one.
Double trouble.
Lots of manly input about grilling.
I am always disappointed in the quality and the quantity of food when we visit with Pops and Gramma Nette. This dinner was amazing. Lobster, steak, chicken, orzo salad, cesear salad, baked potatoes, caprese, aspargus and a bottomless cup.
Handsome cooks are always a bonus.
Friends and family.

Three generations of loving ladies.
Uncle John was in charge of making the most tender grilled lobster I have ever had. Aunt Cheryl was officially adopted as a second grandma by the girls.
Uncle John and Auntie Anna
Stu lead us in many "Happy Birthday to you baby, baby" songs. The kids loved this and continued to sing it all the way home.
It was a fun day and an even better night. I can only hope to be surrounded by so many people who love me and still know how to have a that much fun when I am 60.


Courtney said...

great pictures! Love the first one and I am envisioning Karlie at sixteen. Max better get out the bat to fend off those boys!

Heather said...

That picture of Karlie is too funny... Looks like it was another great party!