Karlie's Day at the Park

In a large family it can be challenging to be able to give each of the kids one on one time. We try to do something special with them as individuals as much as possible. They just thrive off having mom or dad's undivided attention. Rarely do they get both of us to themselves. Max was given some tickets to the Rockies and we ended up being able to take Karlie. She dressed in her best outfit and packed her purse with a fan.
She really wanted to get on TV and wanted to know "why the TV hadn't found her yet!" At the 7th inning stretch they began to throw T-shirts. Max and I waved and jumped as much as we could to no avail. However, the man behind us caught one and gave it to Karlie. She was so excited! It has become her official night gown.
The best part was spoiling her with treats. We had ice cream and soda and pretzels. We enjoyed dotting on our girl and I am pretty sure she did too. It was a really great day at the park with Kark.

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Courtney said...

She looks like a little movie star with the hat on! I love that you can do individual outings with the kids. Those times will be memories kept for sure. How did you make it out of the house without meltdowns from the others wanting to go too?!