Steamboat Gondola Ride

Another must do activity while in Steamboat is the Gondola ride to the top of Mount Werner. The view is breath taking. One of these trips the kids will be old enough to take mountain bikes along. That is my kind of riding. Take the Gondola up and enjoy the ride down. :0) For now, we are happy taking a mile hike at the top with the kids.
WHOA! Hank kept saying WHOA! I think he may have a fear of heights. On the flight to California he wanted the window shade down and got nervous when he could see the ground. A boy after my own heart.
The older kids loved the ride.
When I grow up, I want to move here.
My sister Chrysti and her family joined us for the Gondola ride and hike.
The boys were not to thrilled with the idea of hiking at first but once we got going, the kids had a blast looking for animals and tracks.
Max got his work out carrying the Misters. It was close to nap time and Hank was pooped out.
Our little explorers.
We came upon a make shift fort.
I'm, the king of the world!
The kids spotted the rare track of the Nike tennis shoe. They were sure it was an elk.


Courtney said...

Love the "whoa" picture! What a little punkin'.

john leopold, md said...

Ann says "Looks like a good time was had by all." John says hope all the activities were tick-free!